Varantia Stemsor Embroiled In New Allegations
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:55 PM ET
Varantia Stemsor Embroiled In New Allegations
by Petra Chlebovcova

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Varantia Stemsor's medical experiments are once again under scrutiny.
Explosive allegations have been levelled at Varantia Stemsor by a former employee, suggesting it is still involved in chimera and Artificial Life Creation (ALC) research.

The whistleblower, who worked for Varantia Stemsor until last year, spoke to Washington Post editor Neil Toorley, also claiming that the organization is the "tip of the iceberg" of a much larger effort.

Accusing the firm of continuing and "massively upgrading" its ALC research program, the source spoke at length of medical trials conducted on humans, human-animal hybrids and new life forms created by scientists in laboratories at Varantia Stemsor facilities across the world, including in the United States.

The piece alleged an absence of ethics or ethical oversight within Varantia Stemsor's Special Developments division, leading to "grotesque, horrific" experiments.

The former employee also referred to the firm's participation in a conspiracy of unknown scope. The source detailed numerous visits by unknown foreign individuals to Varantia Stemsor's Massena, NY facility for ambiguous purposes:

"They were not investors or government officials of any kind. The sense I got was that they were there to make sure everything was going smoothly on the ALC front. We were warned not to speak to them at all. They were given access to every part of the campus, but I got the impression they were not part of the company at all."

Five years ago, Varantia Stemsor was placed under significant pressure by the release of multiple videos to Youtube and JooClip, purporting to show experiments conducted on mature chimera subjects. The user who uploaded the footage, identified as "Karona618" disappeared despite promising to release further videos.

The source accuses leadership at Varantia Stemsor of having the individual killed in order to make a statement to other potential whistleblowers.

"(The firm) found out who it was - it was a lab tech who worked with biosamples from the test subjects. He had been on the run, but they found him. After they got everything out of him they wanted to know, they tortured and killed him and strung him up in New York's Central Park."

The piece suggests that the individual is the victim in New York's infamous 2034 'Man of Sorrows' case. Further to these claims Toorley writes that the source is being hidden and protected at the Post's expense.

It is also alleged that there are strong links between Varantia Stemsor's work and that of Varantia China Research, which is headed up by Polish fugitive Dr Julius Kracj. The piece suggests the Chinese affiliate is carrying out even more extreme research, and that the Chinese government is connected to the firm for the purpose of obtaining subjects for military use:

"Varantia Stemsor is able to manipulate bioinformation at the genetic level, and once you can do that you can essentially design for yourself whatever you need. Imagine a man long-armed quadripedal man capable of running 100 kilometers an hour. Imagine a man with the upper-body strength of a gorilla or who can breathe underwater. The military implications are endless."

Toorley's piece was published today and casts doubt upon Varantia Stemsor's commitment to the terms of its agreement with last year's House investigation into its activities.

The inquiry was the second into the company's activities since 2034's abortive joint committee investigation. Under those terms, Varantia Stemsor agreed:

  • to not to undertake any ALC research for a period of ten years;
  • to submit to periodic inspections by FBI staff;
  • to pay a $1.25m fine

Varantia Stemsor's parent company Grannidon Barkleigh Medcorp issued a short statement in the shadow of the Post's article:

"GBM has nothing to say regarding the allegations made today. VS is in full compliance with 2038's Congressional investigation and GBM is examining all legal options relating to the falsehoods directed against VS."

Grannidon Barkleigh Medcorp's price closed more than 20% lower at the end of today's trading.
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