US Catholic Church To Mandate Percentage Of Priestesses
NEWS 10/06/2039 1:11 AM ET
US Catholic Church To Mandate Percentage Of Priestesses
by Kai Grantleigh

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Women have been involved in the Catholic Church since the beginning.
The Catholic Church in the United States will soon be served by a far greater number of Priestesses.

Responding to the Pope Innocent's call last month for greater inclusion of women at all levels of leadership, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) today promised to place women in charge of 15% of all churches within five years.

"We felt that the Pope's challenge was timely and it struck a nerve with us," USCCB President Thomas Reddings said yesterday while speaking to the National Catholic Reporter.

"We are allies of women and especially women who wish to enter the priesthood, and we will institute a program designed to attract women to staff a minimum of 15% of all parishes within the next five years."

Priestesses currently serve at approximately .6% of Catholic churches across the nation.

It is understood that an intensive recruitment program will begin at Catholic churches and schools (including Catholic colleges) in the coming weeks.

The United States is the first to answer Innocent's call to increase participation for women in the Church, with English, German and Australian Bishops also showing strong interest.

Women have been able to serve as priestesses in the Catholic Church since Innocent praised women's contributions to the Church at the end of 2033's Synod and called for the development of female leadership.

An August Tangere poll showed that 82% of US Catholics are in favor of expanding womens' rights in the Church.
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