The Declining Fertility Rate Argument For Immigration
OPINION 10/06/2039 7:15 PM ET
The Declining Fertility Rate Argument For Immigration
by Alexandra Colliere-Wolf

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Immigration is needed to fix a startling decline the United States' fertility rate.
Last week, the National Center for Health Statistics released data on the national fertility rate, showing a steep decline in overall births per woman.

The Total Fertility Rate has dropped to 1.21 births per woman, which is a steep decline from 2029 when the TFR was measured at 1.48.

Driving the fall is a continued sharp drop in childbearing rates by younger women, who have all but abandoned pregnancy as a viable life choice. The fertility rate for 15-24 year olds is just 35 babies per 1,000 women.

A mere five years ago 15-19 year olds were birthing 16 babies per 1,000 women while 20-24 year olds were producing 62 children per 1,000 women. In other words, there has been more than a 10% drop in the fertility rate for young women in the past half decade.

Also contributing to the fertility nosedive in the United States is the ongoing disruption of the economy by robotics. It's axiomatic that when the economy struggles, the birth rate slides. Noticeable dips can be observed during the Great Depression, the oil crisis of the 1970s, the great recession, and the so-called wage-recession of the early 2020s.

As IBM's AI software continues to vaccuum up jobs it is leaving Americans in a poorer state financially. This costs many, especially younger women without mature careers, the ability to afford children.

The dive in younger women becoming pregnant is not offset by the higher fertility rates evidenced in more mature women. Although women in the 30-44 age range are having children at a higher rate than they used to (an increase of almost 125% over the last 20 years), it isn't offsetting the over decline in the fertility rate of the younger age groups.

Changes in the Total Fertility Rate are affecting the population across the board - irrespective of geography, race, socio-economic status, level of education or any other factor. It doesn't differentiate except in the severity of the drop.

The problem is that 1.21 births per women is far below the replacement rate of about 2.1 children per woman.

This contributes to an ageing population ever-more dependent on welfare, and possibly a labor shortage (although with Phariax this is less likely). The economic handicap to such a drastic drop in America's birthrate needs to be addressed quickly before the negative effects become too pronounced.

Want to see what a labor shortage did to Germany's economy before it threw open the doors in 2022? It's not pretty. Want to see what an older population costs to maintain? It's not cheap.

Other western nations are experiencing the same birthrate decline - Europe in particular. Japan and Brazil are both struggling, as is Australia and New Zealand.

The logical conclusion of course is that the population needs a boost, which is where immigration comes in. The United States needs more of it, and now.

It's not like there isn't an amazing supply of diverse populations spanning the globe ready to emigrate. Residents of the former Saudi Arabia continue to flee the western fundmentalist regions in the shadow of possible war. Nigerians remain eager to leave the frequent bombings accompanying a resurgence of Boko Haram. Constant droughts in China's interior and flooding along the coasts are causing mass chaos.

Ukrainians desperate to flee Russian rule in the East, Libyans desperate to flee a regime with ties to Islamic State.

Sub-Saharan Africa retains a traditionally high rate of fertility, aided by a lack of family planning resources and few health care options.

We could, in one stroke eliminate our population worries, increase the diversity of the American people, AND help struggling third world residents.

Congress needs to amend the Immigration Act, but it won't come without a fight even with strong Democratic majorities in Congress. Pale blue dogs horse-trading with a declining population and foreign lives on the line.

Expect the usual Republican opposition, especially from almost every flyover state. Expect Republicans to use their Kaley's Law exemptions to pummel poor people in Zimbabwe making 22c per hour. Expect former Saudis to be called terrorists. Expect Nigerians to be classified as Boko Haram (really, all 290 million of them).

Expect America's heritage as a land welcoming to immigrants to be trashed again and again because -- why? Oh yes. They have different colored skin and they talk funny. And some of them even pray to a different god. I forgot.

We need to dispense with the childishness and start dealing with a real fertility problem in an adult manner.
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