Spiders Should Be Part Of Your Next Meal
OPINION 10/06/2039 4:54 AM ET
Spiders Should Be Part Of Your Next Meal
by Juliana Espinar

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It's true. We are being invaded by spiders.

According to information jointly presented yesterday by the CDC and EPA, climate change - which is rapidly heating the equator and surrounding regions - is forcing some species of spiders to move away from the hottest part of the earth.

What this means is that some Mexican arachnids are heading north both in search of cooler weather and more prey.

(And if Texas Governor Logan McHaile thinks he can solve this immigration problem with a detention facility...well, no.)

So what can we look forward to? Well, according to the EPA, many more Redknee tarantulas (Brachypelma hamorii/smithi). In fact, it's already begun: families in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona have been reporting Redknee encounters at a much higher rate than normal.

If you want to relish the sheer pleasure of watching our bigoted southern cousins (not you, NM) experiencing their first terror-filled tarantula encounter, try #tarantulasheartracists. It's a hoot. It's like they don't even know that Redknees are barely venomous to humans.

But you're probably thinking, "Is there some practical use for these things, in case I ever come across one?" which is a great question, to which I answer: food.

With crops in the south-west failing at an alarming rate due to climate change, spiders present a rare opportunity for a free meal.

With a little garlic, salt and oil in a pan, a tarantula is a perfect snack. Low in kilojoules, and low in fat, a tarantula offers a delicious lean protein between meals, or even as a fun hors d'oeuvres! I served them last month at a cocktail party to a bevy of intrigued guests.

(Hint: sweet chilli sauce. Or lime and black pepper sauce.)

It's natural to be squeamish because most likely you've only ever thought of spiders as disgusting, scary bugs. But once you begin to associate them as food, you'll discover they are as normal as chickens, or cows, or pigs (or locusts...yum).

So go for it! Tarantulas - and perhaps other Mexican arachnid delicacies - will be heading your way soon, America. Take advantage of nature's bounty and enjoy!

*Editor's note: always seek the guidance of a professional before handling or cooking creatures which are venomous!
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