Paul Firstworth Is Considering Running For President - Even Republicans Can't Go This Low
POLITICS 10/06/2039 4:18 PM ET
Paul Firstworth Is Considering Running For President - Even Republicans Can't Go This Low
by Luane Duka

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It's looking like Paul Firstworth will soon announce his candidacy for the White House.
So, according to sources, Mississippi Governor Paul Firstworth is going to throw his hat into the ring for President.

I'm actually stunned Republicans can find a way to go lower than they already have. Not content with opposing minority rights or harassing refugees or attempting to force women into back-alley abortions, they now want to put one of the world's most accomplished fascists front and center in the race for the Presidency.

Firstworth actually has a shot at the nomination, too: latest polls indicate he has a higher approval rating by Republicans in his state (58-35-7) than any other candidate.

In fact, a Fox News Poll indicates that if Firstworth were to announce his candidacy right now, the race would look like this:

Paul Firstworth - 38%
Nathan Charpentier - 21%
Erin Ristovski - 15%
Billy Treewill - 9%
Hayes Gallagher - 6%
Darel Nicholson - 5%

Obviously Charpentier is the real loser in the race for the nomination (he currently enjoys a 19-point lead over Ristovski) but if Firstworth actually wins the nomination we could all be losers.

This is a man who advocated defunding The National Park Service (2033), defended the use of tanks on Sovereign Black Neighborhoods (2034), suggested Kaley's Law was designed to legitimize "freaks and oddballs" (2036) and actually proposed welcoming refugees into the country by putting them in camps (2038).

He has also on various occasions referred to the Muslim world as "the world's foremost incubator of terrorists", before advancing the notion that nuclear weapons should be dropped on Raqqah to end Islamic State. He accused Hillary Clinton of "gross executive misconduct" for allowing IS to regenerate and said her prosecution of the war in Nigeria "showed the world what a woman's touch can't do".

In other words, Firstworth is a walking Kaley's Law breach, which actually, he would probably be proud of. If members of Congress and state legislatures weren't exempt from Kaley's Law, he'd be in prison by now.

Firstworth's disgust with minorities is well and truly evident in his casual dismissal of the CoUNTA phenomenon. Last year, in speaking with the Wall Street Journal, he said:

"This is a concept which is basically divisive in its's designed to pull Americans apart and make them act in ever more vicious ways toward each other. This CoUNTA business needs to be legislated against by Congress so it can't grow - because it's a weed among us and needs to be rooted out."

Hear that, people of color, undocumented immigrants, non-heterosexual people, trans or other-gendered people, non-abled people? Paul Firstworth thinks you're a weed and should be poisoned.

This man apparently thinks he is capable of uniting us all as President of the United States.

In actual fact, he can't even unite the people in his own state. As HuntCour has reported today, Firstworth is planning to use his powers as governor of the state of Mississippi to call out the National Guard - to override local black sovereignty and prevent a SBN from declaring.

I could also mention that he has repeatedly attempted to stop CHURC officers from doing their jobs in Mississippi's cities. In a state with a history of segregation and racial bigotry, you would think the Governor would have a stake in promoting tolerance, but Firstworth insists on sending in police to confront CHURC staff in the performance of their duties. Last year, according to reports, he and CHURC Mississippi Director Jarrison almost came to blows in a meeting that was supposed to ease tensions.

He has also been caught today colluding with other southern governors in order to stymie the President's refugee agenda, which should warrant his immediate removal as governor. At the very least.

What he cares about is very clear. He has pushed massive tax cuts (mainly benefiting big business and rich Mississippians) while decimating schools, hospitals, and police departments across the state. Think he's good for business? Mississippi's economy has dived 6% during his time in office.

The good Governor's comical attempts to attract Thrum to Mississippi were very nearly investigated by the FBI under anti-bribery laws. His pathetic begging for federal relief after 2036's Hurricane Helene contrasted with comments he made during the previous year's gubernatorial campaign, in which he ridiculed federal assistance programs as "bleeding dry the states for expenditures on the other side of the country."

It's probably worth noting somewhere that Mississippi has received $132bn in federal aid over the previous ten years.

What is most revealing about the news that Firstworth might declare his candidacy for the White House, is why he thinks he has a shot. And here it is: he is the man Republicans want (apologies to the only woman in contention).

If he weren't so popular among Republicans - go look at those polling numbers again - he wouldn't even be considering a run. Firstworth is cut from the same cloth as Charpentier and Ristovski, who if Firstworth were running, would come second and third.

This is the kind of man the Right wants to lead them. It's a poor reflection on them but we're used to the kind of slathering carnivores Republicans keep choosing to lead them. Defunding everything in sight and relegating minorities to the status of second or third class slaves.

Think Republicans can't go this low? Oh, yes they can.
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