New York Seawall Collapses Again
NEWS 10/06/2039 4:00 AM ET
New York Seawall Collapses Again
by Arleigh Trent-Milton

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The Coney Island portion of the Marine Titan seawall, under construction.
New York's Marine Titan Seawall has failed again, marking the sixth time since its initial completion in 2031 that a section of the iconic project has collapsed.

Beachgoers on southern Long Island's Long Beach reported hearing a loud rumbling sound, before several sections of Marine Titan slowly titled forward, toppling into the sea.

Witnesses confirmed that an alarm was immediately sounded and the beach was cleared by authorities as millions of liters of water rushed through. The sea level at Long Beach was not significantly affected.

Authorities patched the 90 feet-wide gap and are in the process of pumping excess water back out to sea.

No one was atop the sections which collapsed although pedestrians were approaching the sections from the west and were reportedly minutes away.

This morning's damage has already escalated doubts about Marine Titan's long-term viability in its current state: the wall was upgraded in 2033 at a cost of $25bn, increasing the height to 21 feet, after Hurricane Epsilon washed over it a year earlier.

The following year a section of the Coney Island Gates collapsed into the sea.

In 2035 sections of the wall collapsed along the Bronx Gates and Fire Island on Long Island's south shore.

2037 saw sections of the Raritan Wall south of Staten Island collapse, before last year's Hamptons tragedy which saw 16 people including 4 children perish when sections of the wall they were standing on suddenly toppled into the sea.

It is believed that scouring is the principal cause of the damage sustained. Marine Titan's walls are vertical which offers no wave energy dissipation, instead directing to the seabed the force of each wave which crashes against the wall. This process scours away the sand at the base of the wall until the section collapses forward.

Today's damage places the spotlight on the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey once again. However, Executive Director Frank Obregon has consistently stated that a systemic refit of the wall will be required in order to forestall any further scouring issues.

So far, New York City and the state of New York have been unwilling to provide the minimum $112bn to fund the refit, and Congress has declined to tackle the project once more due to mounting deficits in the federal budget.

However, pressure has been building as the public abandons the Bill de Blasio Boardwalk atop the wall, and skepticism mounts regarding the Port Authority's ability to deliver safe infrastructure.

Speculation has mounted in some corners that terrorists are attacking the wall, trying to cause a sequential cascade collapse, which would see every section of the wall between guard stations topple into the sea.

So far only a few sections at a time have failed.

Harry Cilchrist's 2034 piece, which detailed a hunt for the mysterious organization known as Callaster, described an image shown to the author highlighting possible intentional damage done to Marine Titan.

A Congressional inquiry the following year revealed no organized threat to the project.
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