Macy's Endures Attacks Over Parade Re-Name
NEWS 10/06/2039 10:46 PM ET
Macy's Endures Attacks Over Parade Re-Name
by Tailor Durham

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From this year New York will host Macy's "Fall Parade".
Macy's is defending itself from fierce criticism over a decision to rename its iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Next month's "Fall Parade", as it will be known from this year, "responds to anxieties the name was not inclusive in a way which articulated Macy's deep concerns for the health and well-being of its customers" CEO Breanne Swetzmann said in a statement today.

"Our chief concern is that all who want to participate in and enjoy the parade can do so without having to endure a harm cycle because of the bigotry associated with our fall holiday's traditional history."

Swetzmann said a number of choices, including "New York Parade", "Parade of the Leaves", and "Turkey Parade" were all rejected in favor of the simpler title.

Prominent conservatives have been outspoken in their opinion, accusing Macy's of pandering to liberal opinion.

"This is another major US business capitulating to left-wing zealots in order to look virtuous," outspoken Congressman Jayden Lawrence (R-NY) said.

"America's history cannot be whitewashed at the whim of a few overly sensitive souls who wish to deprive everyone else," he added.

State Republicans have been similarly vocal in opposition to the move.

New York City's influential Life River Church, part of the conservative Galilee Action Network issued a statement denouncing the change:

"This must stop...America is America and we should be proud of ALL of our history."

The right-leaning American Consumers League has already announced that it will urge its members to boycott Macy's stores until the change is revoked.

However, Democrats and their allies nationwide have praised the new name. The NCRA tweeted its support for the alteration, affirming "the increased sensitivity by American businesses adds to a fairer freer society for all of us."

The office of New York Mayor Stett Greer released its own statement supporting the move, heralding a "long-overdue return to common sense on the issue of a divisively named public event."

Macy's representatives said prior to the name change that more than 75% of the parade's participants had threatened to pull out if the name was not changed. NBC also vowed not to broadcast the spectacle.

A tide of online protest against Thanksgiving has built since Queen Shon'ae questioned the legitimacy of celebrating the holiday during a speech to Ohio progressive groups in July.

Since then, minority groups across the nation have reported an increase in adverse mental health effects brought about by the debate over Thanksgiving. Many claimed the holiday holds symbolic meaning for oppressed groups because it represents an affirmation of white supremacist history.
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