London Police Arrest 100 After White Supremacists Attack Muslims
NEWS 10/06/2039 7:56 PM ET
London Police Arrest 100 After White Supremacists Attack Muslims
by Kelly Higgins

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Formerly the Papermakers Arms, now a Mosque, attacked today by the racist right.
London police arrested more than 100 white supremacists today, after rioters attempted to break into a local Mosque, attacking and abusing local worshippers in some of the most intense race rioting London has seen all year.

At least 200 members of east London's far-right community assembled at the Mosque in the London neighborhood of Ilford carrying clubs, baseball bats and knives, and chanting racially oriented slogans.

Many held signs aloft with racist epithets or depicting the Prophet Muhammad in an offensive manner.

Muslims from Ilford and neighboring areas turned out in force to confront the vigilantes, having been warned by local sources to expect an assault by fascist forces belonging to Britain's far-right.

After thirty minutes of brawling, riot police arrived in force, attempting to come between the two parties.

"Met police showed up and were engaged in pacifying the situation, but were set upon by Black Jackets members," said Metropolitan police spokesperson Penny Peers.

The Black Jackets are a notorious UK white supremacist organization which mainly operates in London.

According to police dozens of officers were injured in the attack, while between 20 and 30 local Muslim residents were transported to hospital. Two men are believed to be in critical condition.

At least 15 of their attackers are believed to be in hospital under police guard, while an unknown number of injured were dragged away by their companions.

It is believed the Mosque attacked today had formerly been a pub known as, "The Papermakers Arms", which had been sold to a local Islamic organization. Locals say the assailants had been regular visitors to the pub.

London Mayor Craig Pearce launched a scathing attack on the rioters in the immediate aftermath of today's events.

"Everyone has the right to live in London regardless of race, religion, sexuality, identity or spoken language, and they have the right to live here without fear. These elements of the racist right do not represent Britain or British values. They are a relic of the past and frankly, we are going to hunt down every last one of them."

Local Islamic leaders, including the Imam of the Mosque which sustained the attack, called for calm.

"What we want everyone to realize is that we are Londoners just like you. We are Englishmen just like you, and we denounce any violence as a means to an end. We do not want to see retaliation, we want to return to peace and we encourage everyone to engage in peaceful acts instead of violent ones," community leader Tony Ijaz said.

Since the attack, local allied residents have begun rallying for the Islamic community, marching through the streets of Ilford in support of tolerance toward minorities.

London has endured several high profile acts of hostility toward ethnic and religious minorities this year.

In March, a Muslim man was hospitalized after he and his wife were assaulted while walking through the city center. Two months later, a Mosque in Soho was torched and completely destroyed, before a June incident involving white supremacists surrounding a separate Mosque in Hampstead and threatening worshippers during Friday prayers.

That latter incident led to widespread neighborhood rioting as police arrested more than 200 individuals.

Incidents of white terror are beginning to yield a dramatic neighborhood response. Collectively is believed to be organizing in London, as anti-fascist groups consolidate their resources. Earlier this year, Metropolitan police warned against community violence, in a sign acknowledging that local residents were becoming more eager to respond to hate themselves.
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