Kesse Boemer Trademarking Snowflake Relationship
SEX 10/06/2039 4:47 AM ET
Kesse Boemer Trademarking Snowflake Relationship
by Coroe Stinnecker

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You will never get into Kesse Boemer's snowflake relationship.
Actor Kesse Boemer loves relationships so much, he's decided to trademark his own.

The Dread and Dodge star, fresh from filming Star And A Tall Girl, has taken his "snowflake" arrangement and exclusified it.

"Well, my snowflake currently has thirty-one people, so the idea is to make it an extended snowflake relationship, with a limited number of people who can join. Exclusive," he said to Hills Tonight reporter Edina Themos.

"We're going to give it a name and codify the terms of admittance, then we're going to register the name," he revealed.

Boemer refused to disclose any potential names.

He has however, been open about his snowflake relationship since he divorced his second wife O'Lissa in 2036. Early this year, speaking to Now About he claimed to have "three wives and about eight friends".

A snowflake relationship exists when a person has many relationships with other people, each of whom have other relationships. Some definitions exclude the idea of casual partnerships but most snowflake relationships host more than two dozen members in committed relationships.

Boemer is rumored to be the first to attempt to centralize control over an extended relationship by dictating the terms under which members will be accepted.

Reports indicate that the Mine, Number Forty-Eight star is considering the purchase of a lodge for the use of members of his snowflake relationship. He has suggested that future relationship members may incur a fee to join.
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