Disney's Fett Is What You Need In A Star Wars Movie
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 6:03 AM ET
Disney's Fett Is What You Need In A Star Wars Movie
by Ralff Stevenson

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Boba Fett is finally getting his own movie.
"You have a choice...you will have to decide."

So says Kelder Sho to a teenaged Boba Fett in the latest addition to Disney's Star Wars canon.

Fett, due to be released next week, features Dan Kerebine as the eponymous character thrust into a galaxy which has just seen the Emperor's purge of the jedi. It is set against the resultant political turmoil where the right man, with the right skills could render his services for a very rich price...

Helmed by Skyla Comes Home director Antonio Jones, Fett is the brainchild of writers Erica Si and Jovan Priello. It features Mark Wahlberg as Republic Admiral Fleng, Terrence Howard as rival bounty hunter Erdoo and Canda Hussein as the mysterious Krix Bano, an agent of Jabba the Hutt, whose intentions may or may not be altruistic.

The film follows the ascent of Jango Fett's son, exploring the difficulties of growing up an orphan while surrounded by vicious bounty hunters, all of whom are competing for the ultimate prize: becoming Jabba's most trusted servant.

Made on a budget of $480m, it lacks the trademark epic battles which have featured in Star Wars movies over the past half decade. Instead, it focusing on the darkness inside the young man and the light which he tries to grasp. It's part psychological drama, part action movie, and is the first movie to adopt Lucasfilm President Felipe Ortiz's vision to take the Star Wars universe in a more gritty, realistic direction.

After the critical and commercial disappointments of Black Saber and Jabba Gangster in 2036 and 2037 Ortiz vowed to go back to the drawing board, and ordered rethinks on the pipeline projects slated for release in the next few yers. This pushed back not only Fett, but also Star Wars: Droids and Jedi Master.

As one of a privileged few who were able to view a critics' advance screening of Fett, I can with confidence say that Ortiz's vision has been attained. The film operates at a slower pace than previous Star Wars offerings this decade, and benefits from an intricate look at a complex character set against chaos.

Go see it in holo, and tell me you don't get goosebumps when Boba Fett meets Jabba for the first time.

I know I did.
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