App That Allows Extremist Tagging To Be Released
10/06/2039 9:04 AM ET
App That Allows Extremist Tagging To Be Released
by Michael Shonagher

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Ristoll Apps' Neighborhood Nazi app.
Worried about the neighbors two doors down who have a large confederate flag draped across their front window?

Soon, you'll be able to tag them for the benefit of your community.

NeighborhoodNazi, created by Ristoll Apps, allows its users to tag community members who display disturbing behaviour or traits.

"So if like, you see a neighbor with a White Pride flag, or if they have a tattoo which is offensive, you can take a picture with your phone and the app will geolocate where that person is," said creator Bryan Streeves.

Users will also be able to tag objects, such as houses and cars, suspected of belonging to extremists. Photos will be given more weight in tagging, but won't be necessary. An option to provide a written description of a suspected extremist or his/her objects will be available.

"Extremists don't want to be imaged most of the time, and we don't want our users placing themselves in danger," Streeves added.

The app will be able to intelligently tie together snapshots from different users. So if two people image the same house, Neighborhood Nazi will be able to merge the data into the same profile.

When the profile of a suspected extremist is built up by user input to a "strong" level, the app will even allow for cross-platform matching. Facebook and Standy are known to be interested in adding NN functionality to their websites.

This could mean the home page plus any online activity on those platforms is always tagged, identifying the person as an extremist.

Streeves emphasized that the app will differentiate between behaviors which are serious and those which are less significant.

"Obviously, the guy with the cropped haircut and Swastika on his jacket who is imaged buying guns will get to crimson status a lot quicker than other folks," Streeves added.

Crimson is to be the highest extremist level available. Behavior constituting an emergency will raise a profile to black status, and the app will contact police.

Neighborhood Nazi will be released next month.
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