Today's Washington DC Protests, In Quotes
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:36 PM ET
Today's Washington DC Protests, In Quotes
by Bretney Thorne

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Fire crews attempt to put out a blaze engulfing the National Portrait Gallery. Much of central Washington DC is currently burning.
[10:49am] Cam Hollison, Chief, DC Metro Police Department:

"We are aware that some limited protesting has spread west from Capitol Hill. We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds." (DCMPD website)

[11:09am] Lynette Seymour, Leader, Collectively Plantation:

"Few people knew Deyandra the way I did. She was more devoted than anyone I ever met, to her family, to her country and to those whose intimate acquaintance with her fashioned their lives into ever more useful and lovely creations." (Twitter)

[11:11am] Anthony Spasjowski, Mayor, Washington DC:

"Collectively Capitol members have taken over the Capitol Building. All Senators and Representatives have been safely evacuated, but we do not know the condition of other
staff members." (Media conference)

[11:17am] Chief Hollison:

"We are diverting significant resources toward the apprehension of the suspect or suspects involved in Ms Cash's murder and seeing justice prevail swiftly." (Media conference)

[11:36am] Chief Hollison:

"DCMPD is in the process of negotiating a reduced investigatory posture in light of the racial and political overtones of the murder of Ms Cash." (DCMPD website)

[11:38am] Queen Shon'ae, Administrator, National Civil Rights Agency and friend to Deyandra Cash:

"Deyandra was the most loyal friend, the best colleague and the most devoted activist for human rights I ever knew." (Twitter)

[11:40am] Chief Hollison:

"The protesting occuring west of Capitol Hill has become agitated and we understand protesters are committing acts of violence against government employees. We urge everyone to proceed out of the protest zone as quickly as possible." (DCMPD website)

[11:41am] Tia Ordóñez, Director, FBI:

"The FBI has deferred to the administration's desire for a more expansive investigation, and will only be involved at a consultative level." (FBI website)

[11:49am] President Hailey Wennstrom:

"Today we lost a patriot, a fighter, and a human being of the highest order. The world does not forget people like Deyandra Cash and it barely continues without them."
(White House website)

[11:51am] Mayor Spasjowski:

"We have been in contact with Collectively Capitol's leadership inside the Capitol Building and are attempting to negotiate a resolution to the crisis." (DC City Council website)

[11:51am] Chief Hollison:

"DCMPD has been instructed to stand down its officers in relation to the protest taking place. DCMPD does not wish to inflame tensions." (DCMPD website)

[11:56am] DiAngela Romero, Associate Administrator, NCRA:

"I don't want to speculate as to Collectively Capitol's intentions. The NCRA's leadership has been warning for a long time that large scale unrest was likely if racial and other civil rights were not addressed comprehensively." (NCRA website)

[11:58am] Carruthers Smith, White House Spokesman:

"The President has been in contact with Director Shon'ae and (CHURC DC Director) Ismad Jalil about federalizing the investigation into the death of Ms Cash under the auspices of the National Civil Rights Agency." (Media conference)

[12:00pm] Marces Kabwela Brookline, President, National Sovereign Black Neigborhood Association:

"Deyandra Cash was a one-woman cultural force. The Sovereign Black Neighborhood movement is impoverished without her wisdom. We all are impoverished
without her presence." (Twitter)

[12:11pm] Jimmy Rydermark, Bed-Stuy (NY) Sovereign Black Neighborhood President :

"Am I surprised? Hell no. White people have been treating us like dirt for centuries. It's time a little payback was arranged." (Flipt)

[12:15pm] Administrator Shon'ae:

"The NCRA will direct the effort to find Deyandra Cash's killer or killers and we are drawing up a battle plan to be carried out by CHURC DC's officers." (Twitter)

[12:27pm] Chief Hollison:

"The DCMPD has been instructed by the office of Administrator Shon'ae to relinquish any involvement in the investigation beyond manpowering a cordon around the city of Washington DC and Dulles." (Media conference)

[12:29pm] LaTawnee Easton, activist:

"D could command the room with a word, break your heart with a smile, destroy opposition with an idea and change the country with a thought." (Flipt)

[12:33pm] Carruthers Smith:

"The President is aware that people are protesting passionately. The President calls for calm and a peaceful solution to the current situation." (Media Conference)

[12:50pm] Family of Deyandra Cash:

"We are heartbroken at the loss of our beloved Dey. She was a light in all our lives from the very first day she was born, and we know America felt the same about her too. She will live in our hearts. We pray for the people responsible for her death to come forward and give themselves up." (Statement to media)

[12:58pm] Mayor Spasjowski:

"Since our initial contact, I have personally tried to contact Collectively Capitol's leadership on numerous occasions, without success at this point. They're not answering the phone, so to speak." (Media conference)

[1:34pm] Ismad Jalil, Director, CHURC DC:

"CHURC DC is deploying its entire complement of 1,000 ground staff in pursuit of Ms Cash's killers. We have been assured of co-operation by the leaders of Collectively Capitol and Douglass Sovereign Black Neighborhood." (Media Conference)

[1:35pm] Ernesto Domenez, Director, LSAJ-Los Angeles (Latin Society For American Justice):

"We call on all parties for calm, and to actively lower tensions so that a
peaceful solution can be reached." (Flipt)

[1:39pm] Caleb Grossan, FOX News:

"This is a takeover of DC police jurisdiction by political zealots." (Twitter)

[1:41pm] Benji Fulman, Team Leader, CHURC DC :

"We are aggressively targeting individuals we know to be involved with extremist groups, rhetoric and ideologies." (CHURC DC website)

[2:10pm] Mayor Spasjowski:

"Approximately 50,000 heavily-armed Douglass residents are proceeding north across the 11th St bridge. We urge everyone in the proximity of the Southwest Washington district to leave immediately." (DC City Council website)

[2:44pm] Derek Khutsishvili, Deputy Director for Investigations, CHURC DC:

"CHURC DC is co-ordinating with local police to apprehend and question individuals and groups in the District. We are co-ordinating with other state CHURCs in order to locate any possible threats from areas outside the District." (CHURC DC website)

[2:59pm] Mayor Spasjowski:

"FBI negotiators have made contact with Mr Jamaal of Collectively Capitol and are in the process of talking through solutions to today's crisis." (DC City Council website)

[3:12pm] Jake Fielding, Assistant Chief, Investigative Services Bureau, DC Metro Police Department:

"DCMPD officers are currently providing backup in order to assist CHURC DC in taking suspects into custody." (Media Conference)

[3:15pm] Stanislaw Sherwood,

"Latest reports indicate over 1,000 people have been taken into custody. CHURC is targeting right-wing bloggers, conservative church leaders and some media members. We have it on good authority that Fox News' Paul-Joseph Biscayne has been arrested."
(Bellringerblue website)

[3:22pm] Tegan Seller, Commissioner, Baltimore Police Department:

"We have been instructed by CHURC Maryland to begin taking into custody individuals who have no apparent connection to the murder of Ms Cash, but whom appear to have been targeted for their political stance or beliefs. We have declined to do so and are appealing for instruction from Mayor Giacomo." (BPD website)

[3:23pm] Krinsley Jamaal, Deputy Leader, Collectively Capitol:

"CC is looking for some ****ing heads to roll before we stop." (Flipt)

[3:24pm] Cristal Benitez, Chief of Police, LAPD:

"On direction from CHURC California, we have arrested the leadership of The Vine, CrossRock and CityLifeLights churches on suspicion of aiding and abetting a murder suspect. The LAPD is not actively targeting churches. I just want to repeat, the LAPD is
not actively targeting churches." (Media Conference)

[3:30pm] Richard Femel, Special Agent In Charge, FBI:

"The FBI has been directed by the White House to cease all contact with protesters inside the Capitol Building. We are handing off responsibility for negotiation to NCRA's Special Operations Office." (Phone interview)

[3:33pm] Jason Mentz, Blogger,

"CHURC staff are actually at my front foor...they have brken my door down, and are in my house, they are arresting me I think. never thought this woul happ" (Twitter)

[3:41pm] Paul Giacomo, Mayor, City of Baltimore:

"We have received advice from Governor Caseman and are actively co-operating on a dynamic, go-forward basis with CHURC Maryland. BPD's officers are being made available for any and all investigative needs relating to the murder of Ms Cash. Furthermore, I have decided that at this time, it is in the best interests of the Baltimore Police Department and the people of Baltimore to relieve Commissioner Seller of her duties. Operations Bureau Deputy Commissioner Murray LaFontaine will commence in the role of Acting Commissioner immediately." (Media Conference)

[4:02pm] Administrator Shon'ae:

"We are receiving reports nationwide of suspected individuals being taken into custody and I just want to applaud the diligence of local police forces across the country, which are working hard to get to the bottom of what we suspect is a large-scale conspiracy." (Media conference)

[4:11pm] Kenyan Dreyfuss, Assistant Director, NCRA Special Operations Office:

"SOO has made contact with Collectively National Director Barcher and together we are working with Collectively Capitol through the issues important to Collectively Capitol
and its allies." (NCRA website)

[4:13pm] Chief Hollison:

"A party of 20,000 - 30,000 armed individuals are heading north-west to southern Washington's residential areas." (DCMPD website)

[4:18pm] Belinda Romanus, Manager, Publications, Greater God Convention:

"Please pray. CHURC Texas has just arrested literally GGC's entire leadership. They all went peacefully. I called the police but they say their hands are tied. This is crazy, we have NOTHING to do with the murder in DC." (Facebook)

[4:19pm] Mayor Spasjowski:

"Douglass residents are currently engaged in firefights with US military personnel in the Navy Yard, and are also proceeding north-east to residential areas. We again urge all people in this area to leave immediately." (Media conference)

[4:30pm] Paul Firstworth, Mississippi Governor:

"About five minutes ago, CHURC officers attempted to arrest me at my office in the State Capitol. I instructed security to escort them from the premises. Looked like they were ready to challenge ARMED security. They backed down. My next call is the President to get some damn answers to this mess." (Mississippi Governor website)

[4:30pm] Caleb Grossan:

"Sources inside the NCRA tell me that 30,000 people nationwide have been taken into custody, including 2,400 in the District. Most of the rest in states surrounding the District. Basically a political enemies list. The Wennstrom Administration has to get control of the NCRA and its CHURC thugs." (FOX News)

[4:42pm] Chief Hollison:

"DCMPD officers, assisting CHURC DC officers, were engaged in a firefight with a local chapter of Brotherhood Smoke gang members. Twenty-four gang members were killed."
(Media conference)

[4:45pm] Rear Admiral Thom Delamain, Commandant, Naval District Washington:

"On orders from the President, I am instructing all defense personnel within the Navy Yard district to quarter themselves inside defense facilities. Protesters who attempt to enter Navy Yard facilities will be fired upon, but defense personnel will not interfere with the protest outside of defense installations and buildings." (Media Conference)

[4:48pm] Phillip Ortega, Deputy Secretary of State:

"This is out of hand. We have to restore order immediately, this is not America." (Twitter)

[5:11pm] Carruthers Smith:

"The President has relieved Deputy Secretary of State Phillip Ortega of his duties,
effective immediately." (Media Conference)

[5:12pm] Assistant Director Dreyfuss:

"We're confident that we will soon reach a resolution to today's activities. Collectively Capitol is prepared to stand down its posture in exchange for certain demands being met."
(Media Conference)

[5:14pm] Jenn Sheedman, blogger, I

"It's like a coup or something."(Flipt)

[5:16pm] Ismad Jalil:

"CHURC DC has detained a number of suspects pertaining to our investigation and will continue to do so until those associated with this conspiracy are brought to justice."
(Media Conference)

[5:23pm] Chief Hollison:

"Eyewitness accounts report that Douglass residents are looting and burning homes north of Anacostia River. Again, I want to instruct residents to leave immediately." (DCMPD website)

[5:28pm] Carruthers Smith:

"Protesters have stopped short of The White House. We are reliably informed that Collectively Capitol is instructing its people and allies to begin withdrawing. We anticipate
a peaceful evening." (Media Conference)

[5:39pm] Timothy L. Hutzman, Fire Chief, DCFD:

"Members of today's protest are retreating and we are readying fire crews to go out and tackle the fires in the DC area. Supplementary fire crews have been called from Alexandria, Bethesda, and other communities." (Media conference)

[5:45pm] Timothy L. Hutzman, Fire Chief, DCFD:

"In my earlier statement I suggested that protesters today were retreating. I unreservedly apologize. I did not wish to suggest Collectively Capitol and its friends had not been successful nor did I wish to diminish its impact on politics, race relations and civil rights justice in this country." (DCFD website)
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