The NCRA Was Right To Take Over The Deyandra Cash Murder Investigation
OPINION 10/06/2039 10:05 AM ET
The NCRA Was Right To Take Over The Deyandra Cash Murder Investigation
by Kane Bluitt

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A number of people were apprehended today across state lines, and with police assistance in some cases.
If you only read right wing blogs or watch Fox News, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was some kind of hostile takeover of America's law enforcement processes and institutions today.

DC Police weren't permitted to investigate a murder! The FBI was sidelined! *Gasp* CHURC DC leadership actually sought the co-operation of interstate authorities in order to solve a murder which may cross state lines!

Let's all just stop with the pearl-clutching and analyse a few facts here.

Yes, DC Metro Police do a fine job. No, they are not leading the pursuit of Deyandra Cash's murder. No, they have not been cut out of the process altogether - they are assisting CHURC DC (Civil and Human Rights Council) in detaining suspects. They are therefore still involved in the investigation, albeit in a reduced capacity.

I have not heard anything about the rumored argument over jursidiction between DC Police Chief Cam Hollison and NCRA Administrator Shon'ae. I know that Queen Shon'ae has a famously powerful temper when she's dealing with fools and I know that Chief Hollison seemed three steps behind at every point today.

It will surprise no one to read that the murder of Deyandra Cash was no ordinary killing. Cash was a powerful figure in the civil rights movement, instrumental to the Sovereign Black Neighborhood movement as we know it, and beloved by minorities all across the nation - and the world.

Her death was perhaps only eclipsed by the rage ellicited in the 250,000 protesters who were already primed for an outburst. Many of them were minorities, and many have not held a job in years and blame the government for not standing up for economic justice.

(The FuriUS rally, for those who weren't aware from you know, the name, is not one big love-in where everybody holds hands.)

To say that all of this seemed lost on Chief Hollison is an understatement. He was treating today like any other murder investigation. It's not.

Understanding the highly individual nature of the crime committed today is also important in analyzing why it was handed to the NCRA to oversee.

The FBI normally investigates crimes which cross state borders, and that prerogative still stands. No one is altering the FBI's powers or sphere of responsibility. But to hear some conservative commentators, you'd think the President was dismantling the Bureau and auctioning off the furniture.

Need a desk? It's slightly scuffed up, but still nice.

The FBI is still the FBI.

The NCRA and its CHURC proxies have been the lead agencies for investigating crimes against minorities since it became apparent in the mid 20's that Kaley's Law was too expansive for local police departments to enforce, and too microscopic for the FBI.

Some people (I'm looking at you, Caleb Grossan) are concerned that the NCRA is stripping the FBI of its traditional power. But the FBI doesn't have jurisdiction over every federal crime.

The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), CBP (Customs and Border Protection), ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and FBP (Federal Bureau of Prisons), to name a few, all uphold federal law according to their narrow focus. Yet no one complains that the FBI doesn't run prisons or chase down immigrants.

How does an agency which handles crimes against minorities affect the status quo by investigating the murder of a prominent minority member?

If it feels like state CHURCs today have more responsibility than they did in the mid 20's, well that's because they do. The NCRA is tasked with leading the charge for a greater emphasis on civil rights in America, and there was simply no other agency with enough leadership and experience to take a broad enough stance on hate.

Each state used to have civil rights commissions (some still do) but most have donated their staff and facilities to their state's CHURC, precisely because CHURC is the most capable, best funded and staffed organization there is when it comes to investigating hate crimes or other crimes against minorities.

This is why the FBI, despite its decades of experience, is not the best agency to lead when a major player in the Fight Against Hate is assassinated.

For what it's worth, I am reliably informed that in a meeting earlier today, Shon'ae specifically asked FBI Director Tia Ordóñez if the Bureau would be willing to assist with the investigation in areas in which CHURC does not specialize (for example forensic analysis). Ordóñez was gracious enough to agree.

Much of the criticism of the investigation has to do with the NCRA's reach, as a hunt for a murderer or murderers went from being a local investigation to a national concern. CHURCs in all 50 states were activated and presumably given information which led to a significant number of individuals being detained.

Again, what's unreasonable here? A "normal" investigation of significant scope can pull in players from multiple agencies, including state and local authorities in different states.

The raid last year which brought down El Esqueleto's LA leadership concluded a case which involved multiple players at the local, state and federal levels. Law enforcement officials from six states had been assigned to assist. No one complains that the DEA has too much power.

It's not a stretch to assume that the murder of Ms Cash has the same broad implications. The quality of the shot made, in distance and pinpoint accuracy, suggests a professional hit. Which means someone was hired. The money to finance something like that implies possible conspiracy at an organizational level. At the very least, it's exercising due diligence for the NCRA to co-ordinate with state CHURCs across the country in the hunt for Ms Cash's killer.

Which leads to the last point over which conservative personalities are firing shots at the NCRA: their boys are the ones being detained.

I hate to be the one to say something shocking, but here it is: a major progressive icon was shot today. You don't need to be a post-doc in criminology to work with the assumption that a conservative might have been involved. I'm just putting it out there.

All this talk about political hit lists and enemies lists and purges is hysterical rhetoric, and it has to stop. No one is being purged. No one has an enemies list that they were waiting to break out the next time a left wing leader is murdered before a rally.

A large number of people were taken into custody, this is true. I don't know why Corinthian Life Church - a New York City megachurch - was a subject of this investigation. I know that CLC has been skirting civil rights legislation for years and that Administrator Shon'ae has personally intervened to ensure that it is not hit with a corporate breach of Kaley's Law, which could lead to the imprisonment of CLC's pastors and a hefty fine.

The NCRA is not targeting churches. Nor is it targeting conservative commentators, which is another cri de coeur of the right wing congregation. Fox News' Paul-Joseph Biscayne was detained by CHURC New York at 2:50pm today. That's one personality. One. One does not mean conservative commentators are being targeted.

One means that the NCRA, CHURCs and the police assisting them are doing their job with the goal of apprehending an obviously dangerous killer.

Michigan Republican Party headquarters were raided by CHURC Michigan with the assistance of Lansing police about an hour ago. No, it's not a coup when a state party's HQ is investigated. A coup would mean someone taking over the White House and installing a new government, and I don't think the NCRA is looking to boot one of its most loyal supporters from office.

If no one in the Michigan Republican Party has anything to do with Cash's murder, then it will be revealed in due course. The NCRA may be investigating but it still has to hand suspects over to the judicial system for a trial in a murder case.

Hysteria aside, isn't it possible that there's no government conspiracy, that the appropriate authorities are handling a crisis the best way they can, and that they should be given the benefit of the doubt?

Isn't it time we stopped being so ruthlessly partisan about all this? Someone was murdered in cold blood. Aren't conservatives supposed to be strong on security?

Perhaps certain people - a lot of them - need to step back from the internet and go for a walk or something.

The system is working exactly as it should.
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