The Last Samurai, Soon To Be Banned
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 11:03 AM ET
The Last Samurai, Soon To Be Banned
by Gina Tolomeo

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CodeIN has designated another racially insensitive, albeit popular, title as "listed".
CodeIN has relegated the 2003 Tom Cruise feature The Last Samurai to "listed" status, meaning its days of being available on the network may soon be over.

"Listed" means a product usually has 2 - 3 weeks before being deactivated. Products which have been deactivated are no longer watchable.

CodeIN was the subject of controversy last year when it deactivated several movies and TV shows without giving users notification in advance. The service now clearly marks "listed" products with a clock symbol.

Many movie lovers around the world reacted negatively to the decision, which will see the martial arts movie join The Last of the Mohicans, Django Unchained and San Jose Giant, each of which have been relegated in the past week. Many users questioned the offensiveness of The Last Samurai, while the move was applauded by others as a step toward the de-weaponization of cinema.

The Last Samurai also stars Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, and Masato Harada.

Tiff DeLagoria, CodeIN's Executive Vice President For Content, posted a Flip today addressing the issue:

"While we appreciate that many of our customers enjoy The Last Samurai, CodeIN has listened to the overwhelming feedback that we have received. We want our products to be enjoyed, and it is clear that The Last Samurai has had a negative health and well-being outcome for many people of Asian background and/or culture.

Accordingly, we have moved the product to "listed status". Customers will still be able to enjoy the feature for a short time, and after that it will be deactivated."

President Doug Jianhong of the Society For Asian-American Rights tweeted an enthusiastic affirmation of CodeIN's decision:

"Finally...another one down. Goodjob @CodeINstream now lets delete Ghost In The Shell, Doctor Strange and Her Tiger Mask!!!! #whyyourmovieisracist"

Mandy Filliwell, who starred in San Jose Giant and tweeted last week in favor of its deactivation, also voiced her approval via Twitter:

"Yes @CodeINstream thank u for takin down another racist movie #awesomejob"

CodeIN joins Netflix, Hulu, Google Holomax and Facebook's Kenda in taking a pro-active stance on content control. To date, Netflix and Kenda lead the industry in consumer driven deactivations. CodeIN has a total of nine products with "listed" status and has deactivated 81 films and TV shows over the past two years.

Delagoria did not respond when asked about the possibility of consumers acquiring deactivated movies illegally.

Gone With the Wind was the first product deactivated for consumer driven reasons. Hulu removed it from its servers in 2022.
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