Rikki-Taylor Comes Out As Loved Family Member
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 4:52 AM ET
Rikki-Taylor Comes Out As Loved Family Member
by Kalarissa Nillson

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Rikki-Taylor's new album releases next month.
Rikki-Taylor has come out in support of loving families, identifying herself as a loved family member.

The singer, noted for her albums Dress, Landscape Is Escape and Blink To Miss Me made the remarks this morning while speaking to Dave Creedon from music website Noted Sounds.

"I actually was raised in a loving family. My father and mother were always very nurturing and supportive about being free and open with your sexuality and my brother and I benefitted from that," she said, yesterday.

Rikki-Taylor, known for her outspoken views on issues to do with sexual liberation, has appeared in commericals for Clare Firey's NewLove campaign as part of Flu.id's push to normalize loving families.

Earlier this year Chicago's Collectively Slaughterhouse leader Selina Aldering revealed in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that she had been raised in a loving family from a young age. Aldering was widely criticized by conservative media personalities for her choice.

When asked whether she feared being targeted in the media for her openness, Rikki-Taylor was defiant.

"Not at all," she replied, "if people want to hate me they can. But they won't shut me down. Hate just fuels what I am."

Flu.id National Events Director, Bradleigh Liberman, voiced his support for Rikki-Taylor in a statement earlier today:

"Rikki-Taylor has long been an integral part of our advocacy in the Fight Against Hate. She is a vanguard of selflessness and courage and we celebrate her for her willingness to be open. We hope others will affirm the choice of Americans to participate in loving families and look forward to the change people like Rikki-Taylor will bring."

California remains the only state to have legalized loving families; it passed legislation October 2037. The legislatures of Illinois, Washington, New York, and Vermont are each considering similar bills.

Rikki-Taylor's new album Paper Trace Monkey is due for release next month.
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