NFL To Launch Investigation Into Trojangate
SPORTS 10/06/2039 4:57 AM ET
NFL To Launch Investigation Into Trojangate
by Heale Blasjkowicz

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The Green Bay Packers, Tremaineschultz's current and former team.
The NFL is launching an investigation into Jason Tremaineschultz, after phone conversations that took place between him and his former club last season were released Tuesday.

Tremaineschultz, who is a receiver for the Green Bay Packers, played the 2038-39 season with the Arizona Cardinals, who had eliminated the Packers from the playoffs in each of the two years prior.

Before his stint with the Cardinals Tremaineschultz played on the Packers teams which were knocked out by Arizona. He returned to the Packers this offseason.

Pigskin Hit Daily first released recordings of the conversations, in which Tremaineschultz can be heard discussing details of Arizona's offense with Packers Assistant Coach Jerry Shinderling.

PHD reporter Mark Chasie released a total of fifteen phone calls with similar content and has stated there are more.

Yesterday, the Arizona Cardinals released a statement in response to the incident:

"The Arizona Cardinals organization is saddened and disappointed to learn of Jason's actions. He was signed to the Cardinals in good faith, and it was believed he would fulfill his role as a professional. We look forward to a thorough investigation by the NFL in order to preserve the integrity of our game."

The scandal has been named "Trojangate" due to the suspicion that Tremaineschultz was sent to learn the Cardinals offense in order to help Green Bay defeat Arizona in the playoffs.

The Green Bay packers responded yesterday with their own statement:

"We are in the process of gathering all the facts and will provide a full and complete response once our investigation has concluded."

Outspoken Cardinals, owner Trip DiContes, has called for the Packers organization to be suspended from NFL play for the next season.

The NFL has assigned Deputy Commissioner Grey Jackson to lead the investigation. Jackson spoke to media this afternoon, timeframing the outcome around two weeks.

Tremaineschultz has not commented publicly on the issue. All his social media accounts have been deleted.

The Cardinals lost to the Chicago Bears in the conference championships of last year's playoffs.
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