Christian Tracts Shipped To Minneapolis Mosque Treated As Terrorism
NEWS 10/06/2039 7:34 PM ET
Christian Tracts Shipped To Minneapolis Mosque Treated As Terrorism
by Kinley Piotrowski

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Dar Al-Marifah Mosque in Seward, Minneapolis.
A mosque in the Minneapolis neighborhood of Seward has been sent a shipment of Christian tracts in what is being treated as a hate crime.

The leaflets, which include the phrase, "Jesus loves you...repent NOW" alongside an image of Jesus, were mailed to Dar Al-Marifah Islamic Center on East 25th St, yesterday.

"We were shocked," Imam Faaid Jibril said, speaking to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "This place is home to us. It's always been very loving. We don't know what to think now."

Dar Al-Marifah Islamic Center is a predominantly Somali-American mosque. It is attended by approximately 200 Somali refugees each week.

Council Member Abdullah Al-Wajiri, whose ward includes Seward, weighed in on a popular Minneapolis Muslim Facebook Group:

"This is nothing we haven't seen before. This comes from a place of thinking, "We are superior and you must believe as we do." In other words, it's a white supremacy thing, but they wrapped it up in a religion. You can't go near the U (University of Minnesota) without people pressuring you to convert. It's offensive to Minneapolitans, even non-Muslims and it has to stop. Sending tracts to a Muslim house of worship is their way of bombing us. This is how they do terrorism. I will be using my voice as a council member to advocate for inclusion and security for the Muslims in my ward. Thank you."

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A copy of the leaflet sent to Dar Al-Marifah Mosque.

Mosque officials contacted police who referred the issue to CHURC Minnesota.

Southern Minnesota has seen an increase in the number of people warned under Kaley's Law for breaches relating to proselytization. CHURC Minnesota spokeswoman Bostonne Gordon said that a 12% growth since 2037 in first-offense notices handed out because of religiously motivated bias has state civil rights officials concerned.

"We regularly talk to individual Christians," she said, speaking to the Huntington Courier today, "And also churches, when individuals are acting according to direction from an institution. We have advised them that certain forms of evangelism are not acceptable. For example, white people approaching people of color pressuring them to change their beliefs reflects a slave-master attitude, where African-American slaves were expected to worship according to the will of their masters."

"Further," she continued, "We take a dim view of Christians approaching members of the LGBT and alternative love community. One of the reasons civil rights in this nation covers sexuality is due to the historically unsafe attitudes and practices perpetrated toward people whose love did not conform to Christian thinking."

"Our view on Christian proselytization is not limited to these examples and...what occurred yesterday in Seward is another example of this. Because of the volume of copies that were shipped to the mosque in question and the anonymous nature of the threat, we are treating this as terrorism. We'll be investigating thoroughly."

Minneapolis is estimated to house 65,000 Somali immigrants. That number is expected to climb 30% - 40% in next year's census.

National Civil Rights Agency Administrator, Queen Shon'ae, is believed to be considering an expansion of Kaley's Law to cover refugees and Muslims.
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