Marissa Goerder Divorces Another Wife
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 2:27 AM ET
Marissa Goerder Divorces Another Wife
by Keri Leigh Vaziri

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Marissa Goerder. (File photo)
Marissa Goerder, star of PinkBlueZ's Twelve Wives of Beverley Hills, has divorced her third wife.

Anna-Marie Shelley of Long Island, NY, was revealed in last night's episode as the latest divorcée, following Meilin Jones and Christenna van Zwijnenberg in weeks one and two.

Shelley's tri-date with Goerder and Sana Ellinker last week failed to ignite sparks as Ellinker monopolized Goerder's attention with what I thought was vain flattery, but actually seemed to appeal to the Miami native.

Goerder revealed last night that Shelley's frosty relationship with the other wives contributed to the divorce as she was contrasted with Beth Hanley and Rina Lieberman, who were named "trust-builders" (please...I've seen more trust between hungry cannibals.)

It was also explained that the omelette Shelley made for Goerder's breakfast last week did not play a part in the divorce but that Goerder was "expecting you (Shelley) to try a little harder in the kitchen."

Goerder might have forgotten her experience on Good Morning America last year when she started a fire while attempting to cook steak. Steak!

It was also implied that Shelley's skills in the boudoir were not up to scratch. The poor girl had to sit there and nod as though she understood, as every future partner she will ever have was warned she's below par in the sack.

Twelve Wives of Beverley Hills, which began airing last month, sees Goerder and eleven other women all legally married to each other and living in a mansion in Los Angeles. Each week Goerder divorces another wife, as each of her spouses competes to see who will be the last woman standing.

Twelve Wives is showing in both flat and holo formats.

None of the women are in real-life relationships in contrast to Goerder, who has two husbands and identifies as having both boyfriends and girlfriends.

Goerder has remained publicly non-committal on whether her "TV marriage" will last after the season concludes.
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