LAPD to CHURC California: Our Officers Are At Your Disposal
NEWS 10/06/2039 7:58 AM ET
LAPD to CHURC California: Our Officers Are At Your Disposal
by Shiana Bakerfield

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The LAPD is allying itself with the NCRA in pursuit of true justice.
The following is a transcript from today's 1:30 p.m. media briefing by Cristal Benitez, LAPD's Chief of Police:

"Good afternoon, thank you. I would firstly like to begin by expressing the condolences of the entire Los Angeles Police Department over the tragic murder of Deyandra Cash. To the family of Ms Cash, including her husband Michel and her two boys Jordan and Sean, we extend our deepest sympathies.

The investigation into Ms Cash's death has become a nationwide priority. Appropriately, the President has placed it in the capable hands of the NCRA, whose voice into such a dark day is sorely needed. I have been informed that the NCRA, under the leadership of Queen Shon'ae, is formulating a game plan at this very moment aimed at catching the killer or killers and bringing them to swift justice.

My department may be situated on the other side of the country, but we, too, know extremism. Last year when criminals detonated three explosive devices in Bud Center 1 during a Lakers playoff game, we knew it. The year before, when two men went on a stabbing spree in Venice Beach, we knew it. In August, we knew it when CHURC California was forced to publicly call out certain religious leaders for their bigoted, un-American views.

Extremism in any form is unacceptable, and there is no place for it in Los Angeles, the State of California, or the United States of America. It must be stopped, and good people have to step forward and declare that enough is enough.

That is why I am placing the full resources of my department at the disposal of the NCRA and CHURC California. Should Administrator Shon'ae's investigatory staff find any links to the Los Angeles area, we will take action immediately.

I have personally linked with Director Rachell Hudson and assured her of the complete co-operation of the LAPD in any capacity, for as long as needed.

Folks, this is a time when we need to band together. Ms Cash pointed the way forward for all of us to follow and we need to honor her legacy by stamping out extremism in any form, whenever it rears its head.

To those out there in the Los Angeles area who insist on practising bigotry and intolerance, I say this: you have been warned. We will not tolerate you any longer. Your hatred and exclusion are the same type that killed Deyandra Cash, and we are done tolerating what you bring to the table.

I am announcing the formation of a unit expressly devoted to assisting CHURC's Hate Reaction Teams in Los Angeles. The unit, which has not yet been given an appropriate name, will be available to chase down every referral we receive from CHURC Hate Reaction Agents, and deliver them to CHURC for action. I have already spoken to Mayor Rush about this and she has concurred. Director Hudson has enthusiastically accepted the assistance of the LAPD.

I have ordered Richard O'Meara, Commander of the LAPD's Community Policing and Policy Group, to begin drawing up protocols and procedures to bring our new responsibilities in line with existing policies. Those policies will be reviewed by myself, Los Angeles' Police Commissioners, and a working party from Mayor Rush's office.

Also, our officers will no longer be required to sit on the sidelines as CHURC carries the burden of identifying threats under Kaley's Law. LAPD officers will, as of next week, be empowered to identify and neutralize those threats in accordance with existing LAPD protocols. Director Hudson has agreed to allocate staff to the LAPD in order to train our officers in identifying threats under Kaley's Law.

So what does all this mean? It means, if you decide it's okay to breach Kaley's Law by expressing thoughts that can harm other people, we will decide it's okay to detain you and deliver you to CHURC for action. Bottom line: we are done putting up with those few people who believe harming others is ok. It is not.

We will be CHURC's ally in the Fight Against Hate, because it is not fair that one organization alone should carry the burden of bringing true justice to communities.

Only when we come together like this are we stronger than the intolerant few who oppose us. We are stronger than they. By murdering Ms Cash they have created a stronger, far more resolute opponent and they will fail.

Thank you for your time."
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