Kaley's Law To Be Expanded
NEWS 10/06/2039 3:41 PM ET
Kaley's Law To Be Expanded
by Seely Brinks

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Muslim-Americans and refugees will soon be enjoying more protection in the Fight Against Hate.
A spokeswoman for NCRA Administrator, Queen Shon'ae, has confirmed that plans are being considered to add Muslims and refugees to the Kaley's Law protected groups list.

Associate Administrator, DiAngela Romero, speaking to the LA Times early this morning, said that the plans have been discussed for the past week as Shon'ae has sought input from various community groups and intellectuals about the possible ramifications.

Kaley's Law covers speech targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, African-American, Latin, Native American, polyamorous, transspecies, and transabled individuals. It also covers remarks made against abortion including Post-Birth Abortion.

It was last amended by President Stader in 2031.

"The thinking is that it is long past time to extend the dignity to Muslims and refugees which they deserve," said Romero before adding, "refugees often are some of the most vulnerable people in American society and need our protection. Muslims have been cast as the enemy for decades by a predominantly white Christian America, and we can help shape our nation's response to both groups by helping people framerate their thoughts differently."

Romero suggested that Shon'ae is close to a decision, at which point she will advise President Wennstrom. The President does not have to accept the advice, which is usually regarded as a formality.

Shon'ae is considered one of the President's closest advisors, providing feedback and options on civil rights issues across America. The NCRA heads up the state CHURC programs which implement civil rights legislation and policies state-by-state.

The NCRA today announced the formation of Hate Reaction Teams, designed to increase the effectiveness of Kaley's Law and provide security for minority groups by recruiting local individuals to report breaches of the Law.
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