It's Time To Up The Ante With Conservatives
RACE 10/06/2039 4:38 AM ET
It's Time To Up The Ante With Conservatives
by Jamelle St. Croix

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There's only one thing our enemy will understand.
News filtered in last night about the beating of Neriyah Cochrane by "unidentified assailants" as she was finishing her night shift at a convenience store in suburban Houston.

According to security footage, three white men wearing ski masks burst through the doors at 3:45 a.m., and took turns assaulting her until she was left a bloodied and broken mess on the floor. They didn't take anything. It was a lynching.

Cochrane was left with three cracked ribs, a broken eye socket, a concussion, cuts and bruises, and a lifetime of mental anguish to deal with. Thankfully, a Krowdfunded campaign is on course to easily exceed her medical expenses.

Cochrane is black.

I am enraged. We all know which way this is heading. There are plenty of Neriyah Cochranes in our recent past and there'll be plenty more. We need to change the script. How many more Neriyah Cochranes does it take before we get the message about how serious they are?

Edward Creekley. Blessed O'Mair. Chifvon Stabble. Russell Hoare. James Bonaventura.

Have you seen the things they're still saying about Sovereign Black Neighborhoods? Go to any conservative website and scroll the comments. Hatred. Vitriol. More hatred. Doesn't matter that SBNs are the only safe place for a black person in America today. It will never matter.

The thing with the kind of conservative hate that we see every day online is that it never ends online. It always ends up with a Neriyah Cochrane making a trip to the hospital for a six-figure stay, while whatever white dog committed the lynching goes unpunished. And usually a majority white police force conveniently is unable to find the perpetrators (in an age of ubiquitous and highly detailed security footage, DNA, fingerprinting, silent drones, etc) while a family comforts or grieves the victim.

And this is not a black problem only. Are you gay? Transgender? Immigrant? Refugee? Had an abortion or considering one? You can be targeted by the conservative base. You're not safe. You're not protected. You are vulnerable.

CHURC is increasing its investigatory scope and I applaud that, but there's only so much they can do - and besides, a taxpayer funded police force is supposed to be able to do its job free from the bias we KNOW exists.

So here's what I propose: you know that line from the classic movie The Untouchables...that killer line Sean Connery says early on as he's educating Kevin Costner's Eliot Ness on the fineries of going to war with crooks?

"You wanna get Capone? Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone!"

Well, I don't know if that's still the Chicago Way or if it's the Houston Way or the New York Way or the Los Angeles Way or the Way of Muddy Gap, Wyoming, but I think it should be our way.

They put one of ours in hospital last night. We need to find who did it and send them to the morgue. We need to pressure their communities to give them up under threat of their houses being burned to the ground, and then when they give them up, we need to feed them to the fishes.

We need to run progressive investigative units from our houses and apartments and duplexes in Boston, Miami, Denver and San Francisco. We need to hunt these people down when they target us. We need to collaborate, join forces, share resources, link in with CHURC, and put a stop to this. Conservatives will love it - it's the smallest government you can get: government by the people in their own communities.

We need to up the ante whenever and wherever we can. You overhear someone in Starbucks speaking out against abortion? Don't call CHURC. Pour your coffee in their lap. They'll remember that.

Know a trans kid being bullied at your kid's school? Get some other like-minded parents, go to the bully's home, and let the parents know you are prepared to bring a gun to their knife fight. And take an actual gun.

You may have heard that Allan Keith Benelley was killed today. Benelley was a proponent of restricting women's reproductive civil rights. And now he's dead. Don't think his friends will think twice about voicing their hate? They will.

Only when enough people are scared - only when we've hung enough dead white criminals in the trees of local parks, only when enough bigots have copped the beating they so richly deserve, only when enough people are too frightened to indulge their long-standing biases...

Only then will we have won.

This is war.
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