House Minority Leader Seeks To Limit CHURC Power
POLITICS 10/06/2039 8:03 AM ET
House Minority Leader Seeks To Limit CHURC Power
by Zoe Gossette

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Congress is currently searching for an temporary alternate venue.
House Minority Leader Kennedy Buchardt (R-TN) will this evening introduce a bill limiting the operational responsibilities of both the NCRA and its state CHURCs, according to a Congressional source.

"Buchardt is trying to legislate a stranglehold around the neck of NCRA's functions in order to curb its power," said the source.

The Capitol Building is currently occupied by Collectively Capitol. According to reports both the Senate and the House of Representatives are making plans to relocate temporarily. Collectively Capitol is holding a number of building employees, although all Congressmen and women and the Senate are accounted for, having been evacuated earlier in the day with their staff.

Buchardt and other Republicans in Congress have been critical of the NCRA and its CHURC affiliates since the late 2020's, when the NCRA began accumulating more influence in the federal government. CHURC's primary role is dealing with crimes against minorities and facilitating positive outcomes in disagreements involving minorities.

Republican criticism has exploded today in the wake of the NCRA's highly aggressive pursuit of Deyandra Cash's killer. NCRA Administrator Queen Shon'ae directed what she termed a "strategic response...a broad spectrum investigatory probe" in a 3:00 p.m. media conference. Tens of thousands of people have been detained by state CHURCs or local police assisting.

Buchardt responded to media requests this afternoon by issuing a statement:

"What we are seeing here is the takeover of government authority in the global seat of democracy by thugs intent on destruction. These people call themselves a collective, and that's a term which hearkens back to the worst excesses of the Communist nations. They are striving for the overthrow of the current order - a goal which should chill all Americans to the bone. And the President is sitting back, calling for calm and order, when she should be calling out the National Guard."

Joining the chorus of opposition to today's events was former House Minority Leader Simon Shumacker (R-TX), who criticized the President and the Mayor of Washington DC for not attempting to control either Collectively Capitol or their Douglass Sovereign Black Neighborhood allies.

Douglass residents crossed the 11th St bridge around 2:00 p.m. with firearms and engaged in a shoot out with US military personnel in the Navy Yard district. Another group of residents entered Washington's southeastern neighborhoods, causing widespread damage. Residents fled north and east to escape the protesting.

Collectively Capitol has started fires in large parts of Washington's government district. They are occupying the Capitol Building at the time of publication.

According to HuntCour's source, it is believed there may be bipartisan support for limiting the power of the NCRA. Any chance of success will depend on a large number of Democratic Congressmen and women and Senators crossing the aisle due to a solid left wing majority in Congress.

"It's not a done deal that it's not going to pass," said the source, touting growing liberal opposition to both the wide net cast by CHURC and its tactics.

Footage has been posted to YouTube showing CHURC officers aggressively detaining suspects across the nation, with a strong focus on right wing personalities. Mississippi Governor Paul Firstworth was perhaps the highest profile target of the investigation, detailing on his office's website the attempts by CHURC to take him into custody. Officers retreated when security arrived to challenge them.

In light of Buchardt's challenge, Shon'ae has been typically defiant, responding by issuing a statement through Flipt:

"The NCRA is NOT going away. We will not go back to prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry, because old white men in congress decided they don't like the way we do things. The President has assured me of her veto should this disgraceful excuse of a bill pass. And if Republicans are irresponsible enough to put this thing on the table, we will remind them how we overlooked all their KL breaches in session - when we arrest them for their next breaches. Also, we remind our Democratic friends to be careful who you vote for."

Constitutional scholars have been unable to agree on the constitutionality of the NCRA's powers, given that most of their authority is derived from the need to enforce Kaley's Law - a broad reaching directive issued through Executive Order in 2024 by Hillary Clinton.

Kaley's Law breaches are acknowledged as beyond the traditional powers of police, and seen as too narrow a focus for pre-existing federal authorities to devote resources toward.
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