First Sovereign Latin Neighborhood Self-Declares
NEWS 10/06/2039 10:06 AM ET
First Sovereign Latin Neighborhood Self-Declares
by Celeste Palacio

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East Los Angeles is the location of the nation's first sovereign latin territory.
In response to the murder of Deyandra Cash today in Washington DC, a predominantly Hispanic Los Angeles neighborhood has declared sovereignty, making it the first in the nation to do so.

The new SLN will be named Garcia after Emilio Garcia, a 2 year-old boy who was killed in a shootout between rival Latino gangs last year in the neighborhood of Winter Gardens.

Representing approximately 10 square kilometers of Los Angeles east of downtown, the area encompasses parts of Belvedere Gardens, Eastmont and Winter Gardens, and is bordered by Long Beach and Pomonda Freeways, Garfield Ave and the Riverside Metrolink Line.

Latin Sovereignty Authority President Rubén Cambeiro issued a statement to media early this afternoon (excerpted):

"For years, we have been waiting for significant progress in our discussions with the City of Los Angeles about the creation of a Sovereign Latin Neighborhood. Despite our best and most sincere efforts, we have been consistently disappointed with the level of commitment offered by the city.

Today, the death of Deyandra Cash speaks to us all. It tells us of dreams which cannot wait, and dangers that surround us in America today. It tells us that our lives are at stake from intolerance and hate. This heinous act compels each and every one of us to press with urgency for what we both want and need.

Hispanic Angelenos deserve a place in which to further their dreams of self-sustaining liberty in a land which used to belong to our forefathers.

My government is in the process of sealing off the neighorhood from non-Garcians. Latino residents will be permitted entry. Non-Latino residents will be permitted entry and consulted regarding an exit plan tailored to their individual circumstances and the needs of the neighborhood. All other vehicles will be denied entry to Sovereign Latin territory."

Roads entering the new SLN have been blockaded: makeshift roadblocks consisting of vehicles, furniture and other ad-hoc items are being staffed by individuals with automatic weapons and sidearms.

Major Entry Processing Centers have been set up at S Atlantic Blvd, N Garfield Ave, Whittier Blvd (East and West), Olympic Blvd and S Mednik Ave, blocking traffic outside Garcia and creating significant commuter disruptions.

While reports confirm Latino individuals are being waved through blockades, non-Hispanic residents of Garcia are being directed to the nearest MEPCs to speak with authorities there. Confirmation has been received that non-residents who do not identify as Latino are being denied entry.

Eyewitnesses report that Mexican flags can be seen flying at the intersections spanning Garcia's perimiter.

Authorities are searching the neighborhood and are in the process of identifying White, African-American and Asian ethnic peoples residing in Garcia. Witnesses report non-Hispanic individuals are being given notice to vacate their residences. Vehicles are being randomly pulled over by what has been identified on Garcia's Flipt account as "an interim police force" and transiting non-Latinos are being directed to the nearest exit.

A large commercial zone falls within the borders of the newly created SLN; it is not known at this time whether Garcia leaders are laying claim to it in any form. However, a shoot out was reported involving Garcian police around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon near the intersection of Goodrich and Whittier Blvds, which is part of the commercial district. Other acts of violence have been reported around Garcia as traffic clears.

Los Angeles' Hispanic community has been applying varying degrees of pressure on the city council for sovereignty since the first Sovereign Black Neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit were assaulted by police in 2034. That action led to the normalization of the Sovereign Black Neighborhood movement, which in turn generated dozens of claims for sovereignty by African-American districts around the nation.

Much of the opposition to Latin sovereignty in Los Angeles came from the African-American community, which accused Hispanics of appropriating black cultural symbolism. Compwood gained sovereignty in 2036 despite petitioning the previous year, which led to leaders in the Hispanic Sovereignity movement to accuse the city of favoritism.

The disagreement escalated to conflict when a vehicle carrying Cambeiro and his family was carjacked in February 2037 by men identifying themselves as part of Compwood's CounterOperations unit. Cambeiro and his wife and children were released unharmed the same day.

Since then rival Latino and African-American gangs have been engaged in gang warfare, which has claimed more than 75 lives by some estimations.

City authorities have consistently pressured the LSA over its ties to Latino gangs, suggesting that a Sovereign Latin Neighborhood process would be expedited if Hispanic gangs sought an end to ongoing violence. President Cambeiro publicly disputed that approach, noting that the city's Sovereign Black Neighborhood was not subjected to any kind of similar demands.

Over the past two years Latin demands for sovereignty have intensified. The city entered into talks with LSA leadership in April 2037, but allegations of stalling were hurled by LSA leadership last year after another round of discussions failed to bring agreement on key issues involving existing non-Hispanic residents, health care and funding.

Sovereign Black Neighborhoods are entitled to funding ranging from 5 - 10% of the host city's annual budget, according to an agreement facilitated by the National Civil Rights Agency. No such arrangement has yet been reached to accommodate Hispanic sovereignty.

Garcia is significantly smaller than Los Angeles' Sovereign Black Neighborhood, which occupies much of the former cities of Compton and Inglewood.

Speaking to NBC News last year, LSA Director of Finance Felipe Cazalla said, "The average Sovereign Black Neighborhood is allocated almost 7.45% of its city's budget and the Authority will not accept less than that amount." Los Angeles has consistently appealed to the possibility of shared use of city resources, such as police and fire departments, and schools, but the LSA has rebuffed these suggestions as "sovereignty-lite".

It is clear that Garcia's self-declared sovereignty was not planned. An official in Garcia's government, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirms that policy is being implemented on an improvisational basis. The official confirms that basic measures such as a Garcian ID, to help authorities determine an individual's legitimate resident status, are planned but not imminent.

The official advised HuntCour that Garcian policy will be to automatically accept non-legitimate Hispanic immigrants and to grant them citizenship, and that "no extradition policy will be forthcoming on the subject of non-legitimate immigrants".

After the murder today of Deyandra Cash, the city of Los Angeles may have little taste for confrontation. In a dramatic statement to media earlier today LAPD Chief of Police Cristal Benitez sided with CHURC California in its hunt for the killer of Ms Cash. Calls to the Mayor's office went unreturned but a source within the city council says that the mood among the Mayor and his staff is to accept the inevitability of Los Angeles' first Sovereign Latin Neighborhood, given the tense mood after the death of Ms Cash.

Compwood's African-American gangs responded to the news of Garcia's self-declaration with antagonism. Blak Tiger, Rod'en Death and 48Wilmington all tweeted messages warning Garcian authorities to stay out of any disputes with Latino gangs.

Collectively Hollywood tweeted its congratulations not longer after Cambeiro's statement, while CHURC California issued a statement via its website:

"We offer our congratulations and admiration to the courageous Hispanic people of Garcia, who have taken a bold step into the future of race relations in America. The establishment of the nation's first Sovereign Latin Neighborhood is both a symbol of freedom and hope, and a warning to other cities around the nation: stubbornly opposing the rights of minorities will only make your opponents stronger. We look forward to the creation of many more Sovereign Latin Neighborhoods. ¡Viva Garcia!"

NCRA Administrator Shon'ae tweeted a brief tweet congratulating Garcia and promised a longer statement tomorrow. Shon'ae is currently directing the national manhunt for the murderer of Ms Cash.

California Governor Fernando Flores also issued a statement eagerly supporting Garcia's self-declaration.

Approximately 75,000 people currently live in Garcia. That number is expected to double within a year.
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