Douglass SBN declares war
OPINION 10/06/2039 10:43 AM ET
Douglass SBN declares war
by Sacey Greene

CC BY-SA 4.0 "Looking NW at Washington Navy Yard from 11th Street Bridges 01 - 2013-09-17" by Tim Evanson | Writer image: CC0 1.0 Untitled by Engin_Akyurt | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only. Image changes released under the same license as the original.
Washington's Navy Yards, before the war. All Navy vessels had been ordered out of the area prior to Douglass' push north west.
At 1pm, Washington's Sovereign Black Neighborhood declared war.

To be more precise at 1:00 p.m. Trench Parker, the President of Douglass SBN issued a statement via Flipt:

"Deyandra Cash was a figurehead of our rights to live and a strong African-American woman she embodied our belief that we will rise in accordance with the strength of our beliefs. It is now apparent that we are in a de facto state of war with this nation which wishes to crush us by murdering our leaders, and therefore destroy our ability to reach for what we want.

We will recpriocate and we encourage every other Sovereign Black Neighborhood to march upon the cities which surround them. We declare war."

I'll be the first to admit that Parker is not the most moderate of leaders in the Sovereign Black Neighborhood movement, but I'll also put it out there that this is no time for moderation.

In March, SBN resident Edward Creekley was found beaten into a coma only minutes from Englewood's northwestern entrance on W 55th St in Chicago. It took a month for Creekley to regain consciousness.

In June, Russell Hoare was stabbed to death in a park near Boston's Dorchester SBN. He had been an SBN resident for six months.

In July, Alesha LaMala was taken by ambulance to North Shore Medical Center in Miami's SBN, after being beaten with a crowbar by two white men while walking home. LaMala was pregnant before the attack but not after. She was also an SBN resident.

A people can only take so much before being pushed into a state of militancy. Does Parker sit down and negotiate if his fellow SBN residents aren't being beaten and killed by a majority white people? Probably. I've met him, and I doubt he's angling for war unnecessarily.

But, as others have noted, the murder of Deyandra Cash - and DC Police Chief Cam Hollison's pathetic response to it - were the tipping point, and the camel's back can't be unbroken.

We've been going through this for years and some people just can't take it anymore.

So, at 1:00 p.m. Douglass declared war and sent 50,000 soldiers to fight America in the nation's capital north of the Anacostia River. About half made their way to the Washington Navy Yards, while the other half, under the command of Douglass Vice President Andre Epps split off and headed north east to residential districts.

By 4:10 p.m. Parker's force was engaged in fighting with US Navy personnel on M St SE, where I imagine sailors were surprised to see Col. Ed Bannon's heavy machine guns deployed to staggering effect. According to reports from SBN soldiers dozens of the enemy were cut down while retreating before the MX0s.

Douglass soldiers have advanced to Zundium Park (home of the Washington Nationals).

CC BY-SA 3.0 "Radically oriented protesters throwing Molotov cocktails in direction of Interior troops positions. Dynamivska str. Euromaidan Protests. Events of Jan 19, 2014-3" by Mstyslav Chernov | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only. Image changes released under the same license as the original.
Douglass soldiers fight near Parsons Avenue.

I spoke to a few Douglass officers on the subject of US military personnel having been ordered to barricade themselves inside buildings (now behind enemy lines).

"We're gonna flush them mother******* out," one lieutentant said.

On the eastern front, Epps' force has broken through a stand made by residents on Pennsylvania Ave SE. Some reconnaisance elements have advanced to Massachusetts Ave SE and South Carolina Ave SE. Epps is by nature more cautious than Parker and is consolidating his advances by clearing houses and controlling his territory. Nonetheless, with a force of roughly 25,000 trained and angry soldiers, and no enemy in force to confront, it's clear he can go as far as he wishes.

Collectively Capitol has negotiated a ceasefire, and that's their prerogative. But Douglass is sovereign and need only follow its own leaders.

The DC National Guard, like the police, has not been called out. President Wennstrom (as its Commander in Chief), has been understandably concerned about inflaming tensions further. Clearly, she feels a conciliatory posture will placate Parker.

Nonetheless she has a war on her hands, and it's not limited to Washington DC. By 3:45 p.m., Los Angeles' Compwood SBN, under the command of Brigadier-General Calvin Dionté, had sent troops to link up with black communities in southeast L.A. Police have all but abandoned confrontation in favor of negotiation.

Cleveland's Hough SBN has risen up and is expanding east toward University Circle. Cleveland's SBN has long been overpopulated and it is believed President Linda Igwe is seeking more living and administrative space by occupying Case Western Reserve University. Mayor Gandowski is believed to be in consultation with Governor Ryan Frost about an appropriate response.

The majority white establishment calls this kind of uprising an outbreak. In other words, like a disease. That's how they snapshot this in their mind.

This is an actual war, being conducted within the United States of America. Other SBNs are considering adjusting their posture to one of conflict, which could mean a more general conflagration. If every SBN rose there would be an army of almost a million black men and women, armed to the teeth and ready to fight because Deyandra Cash was assassinated for speaking out against a society educated to hate and commit acts of violence against black people.

No one knows how this is going to play out, whether Collectively's nationwide affiliates will rise or how other SBNs will react. They are all locally led. But no one should fool themselves, because this is now a different thing altogether. We don't have peace anymore. We never had it.
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