Deyandra Cash's Death Was Not Accidental
OPINION 10/06/2039 12:37 AM ET
Deyandra Cash's Death Was Not Accidental
by Emilia Lilliman

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We can probably profile Deyandra Cash's killer.
Deyandra Cash was murdered with a single shot, say the police.

The round likely came from a sniper rifle, say the police.

The shot was fired from more than 1 kilometer away, say the police.

The shooter had to account for a breeze today, say the police.

The shot hit Deyandra Cash in the heart, say the police.

Is it just me or does this sound like something other than a crazy lone wolf situation - the kind that rightwing bloggers and pundits are spinning as we speak?

Clearly, Deyandra Cash was targeted - a highly visible, highly vocal member of the civil rights movement, on a podium, before a high profile rally. This was not an accident. This was not someone who decided to show up on the spur of the moment, pick out a place to open fire and then randomly shoot someone.

Deyandra Cash was targeted.

Or if you like, from the words of DC Metro Police Chief Cam Hollison, speaking to media approximately one hour after Cash's murder:

"We know that this is no ordinary shot. The shooter took the shot from a distance that suggests he or she was professionally trained, also it was a very precise shot, which struck the deceased in the heart."


"There are a limited number of locations with a sightline to the Capitol Building. So the shooter would have to plan the day meticulously, which tells us a little more about him or her."

In other words, this was a professional hit. It wasn't random, it wasn't another crazy (white) guy shooting up a school, it was a targeted attack on a black civil rights icon. Yeah, the Fight Against Hate just got real. S*** just jumped up a notch.

I'm convinced Deyandra saw this coming. Last year, speaking to Bill Adamms, she said "our version of justice has always been iconoclasm first. You kill the symbol, but the cause behind the symbol is just strengthened. Is Lincoln an icon? Is JFK? Is Malcolm X? Is Martin Luther King? Is John Lennon? It's the way it happens in this country, which is one of the things we need to change."

She was right.

Which of course doesn't in any way excuse the actions of the shooter/s. It simply makes them more lamentable because it turns out we lost not just a powerful voice for justice, but also a prophet.

We need to see this for what it is. We need to see that voices of the usual suspects are, as they always are, trying to drown out the voices crying for liberty in this country. They need to see that the Republican bloc is so desperate to win, that it will professionally assassinate Deyandra Cash.

I know right now Collectively Capitol and its allies are rioting, and I know that they are killing people in DC's government district. I don't care. It's long past time that people understood we will not tolerate your bigotry, your hate, your intolerance, and finally, we absolutely will not tolerate your violence. We will visit violence upon you, and you will know what it feels like.

There are 250,000 people who were ready to peacefully rally, and most of them are spreading out in the direction of the White House. Another 50,000 Sovereign Black Neighborhood citizens (Douglass) are coming up from the south (oh, the irony).

That's a lot of people.

They have a shooter.

We have an army.

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