British Man Assaults Women, Steals Fetus During Termination Party
NEWS 10/06/2039 2:14 PM ET
British Man Assaults Women, Steals Fetus During Termination Party
by Sebastian Peale

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A search has begun for a Nottingham man.
Police in the English county of Nottinghamshire are searching for a man who broke into a residence and attacked a group of women attending a termination party.

The man then kidnapped a post-birth fetus and disappeared, according to party guests.

Neighborhood witnesses said a man between the age of 40 and 50 hurled a brick through the plate glass of the Nottingham residence's front door before reaching in to open the lock.

Guests claim the man made his way to a room at the rear of the premises where a group of approximately 20 women were celebrating a termination. The man pulled a knife and threatened the women before grabbing the post-birth fetus and exiting the premises.

"We are engaged in a search for a man, he appears to have been aware of the party taking place, and we have leads we are following," said Det. Chief Insp. Thomas Packer of the East Midlands Principal Crimes Unit.

The man is believed to be related to at least one of the guests.

England passed a law legalizing Post Birth Abortion last year, providing a one month buffer and a patch similar to the CliniCare degradable patch available in the US.
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