Allegations Of Secret Society Stun Roman Catholic Church
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:27 PM ET
Allegations Of Secret Society Stun Roman Catholic Church
by Ellen Carr-Towns

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Accusations against the Roman Curia have rocked the Catholic Church.
Rumors of a secret society within the Roman Catholic Church have prompted a furious response from the Vatican.

Cardinal Bernardo Faletti addressed the media today regarding speculation that a small group of senior leaders is meeting secretly and is actively plotting against Pope Innocent.

"This is nonsense, a complete could not be further from the truth" said Faletti to Italian media. Faletti, who is head of The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith continued by stating emphatically that Innocent has complete confidence in all members of the Curia.

"We reject utterly this baseless, scandalous accusation. This is the work of conspiracy theorists frankly, and we call on them to stop their false accusations" said English Cardinal Jerry Preston.

Other Catholic leaders have issued similar statements since a column in the New York Times was published yesterday quoting a source close to Archbishop Dheeraj Gharapure. The unidentified person stated that "a dozen or more" cardinals and archbishops have been gathering at the Palazzo di Propaganda Fide, home of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, a Roman Curia congregation headed by Cardinal Dany Renaudin. Gharapure is Secretary for the congregation.

The source does not implicate Cardinal Renaudin in any wrongdoing.

The Times article continues by suggesting that the source witnessed the group engaged in "strange rituals", and that they were fomenting opposition to the Pope.

A representative for Abp. Gharapure called the claims "bizarre" and "completely without merit whatsoever" when speaking by phone to the Huntington Courier.

The Pope has remained silent on the issue.
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