Next Bond Movie To End Franchise
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 8:47 AM ET
Next Bond Movie To End Franchise
by Kohl Capeder

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Paolo Ubada as James Bond in last year's Incognito.
The next James Bond movie will be the last, according to producer Isaac Connor.

Speaking to Simon Redford last night, Connor said, "The world has kind of moved on from the whole James Bond thing. The martinis, the gun fetish, the duty very masculine, and we're sort of happy for it to be over after next year."

When pressed further, Connor admitted that backlash, both online and off, to 2037's Incognito contributed to the decision.

"We were sort of throwing around ideas for the next few movies - me, Marty [Ernerfeld], Linda [Corburry], Zak [Garcia] - and the conversation sort of turned to, 'should we even be doing this?' because of what happened after Incognito. So we eventually came to the conclusion that no, we wouldn't be pursuing a 33rd Bond movie."

Incognito's profits were seriously affected by outrage and claims that James Bond was a hyper-masculinized, misogynistic 20th century relic. A scene involving Bond killing an unarmed female agent was cited by many who criticized the movie as unncessary and gratuitous.

Incognito was the first Bond movie since 2024's Living With A Gun not to earn $1 billion worldwide.

As online rage swelled in reaction to the movie, protestors picketed MGM's Beverley Hills Headquarters, leading to a police response which some felt was heavy-handed. Several Collectively Hollywood leaders were arrested following violent confrontations with police in which four officers were shot.

Protests spread to other cities across the country, with some cinemas eventually pulling the movie entirely.

Other countries saw protests, as concern about the franchise's misogynistic themes spread. Swedish cinemas refused to screen the movie altogether.

The critical reponse to James Bond movies has been declining since Daniel Craig stepped down from the role after 2021. The average HungryCritic score for the five post-Craig movies has been 64%.

The Sidney Weller-helmed Saffire, is due to release November 2nd next year.
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