NBA Player Suspended For Misogynistic Remarks
SPORTS 10/06/2039 12:42 PM ET
NBA Player Suspended For Misogynistic Remarks
by Derren Jackson

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The NBA is suspending one of its players for remarks "detrimental to women's wellbeing".
The NBA announced today that Lawrence Brown of the Kansas Buffalo would be suspended for five games for "inappropriate comments" he made about reproductive civil rights.

Brown, a five year veteran, was quoted remarking on post-birth abortion while speaking to Greater God Convention for a profile which appeared on their website September 29th.

In the piece, which has attracted more than 8,400 comments since publication, Brown said, "I have a problem with post-birth abortion. I mean, I was young once. Could my mother have killed me? I don't think that's right. I think a woman, especially if she's without- if she's poor, she should be given the chance to raise her baby, and should be given every shot. But I don't think people should kill babies."

The remarks drew fierce criticism across the country and led to Brown contacting the police on several occasions due to suspicious behaviour near his house.

Brown was previously fined $50,000 in 2036 and $175,000 last year by the NBA for similar comments.

The suspension will be served from the beginning of the NBA regular season (October 10th). The NBA's full statement read:

"The NBA has contacted the Kansas Buffalo to advise them of its decision to suspend Lawrence Brown for the first five regular season games of the 2039/2040 season. His recent comments concerning reproductive civil rights were not only inappropriate but also detrimental to women's well-being. They were not consistent with the NBA's values, which support women's rights and the precepts of fairness, equality and dignity for all people."

Brown is currently in the midst of a five-game preseason schedule. His suspension will see him miss a highly anticipated opener against the Houston Rockets, and is expected to cost him a total of $621,951.22.

HuntCour reached out to the American League for Parental Justice who responded with a statement issued by President Katherine LaMey.

"This is another heinous example of a young, rich, male celebrity who thinks he can deploy his opinion on women whenever he pleases without regard to their life experiences or his own ignorance. His patriarchal values will not be tolerated and the ALFPJ will keep working to ensure that women are protected from men like Brown."

CHURC Kansas has been contacted for comment. Brown was issued first offense notices for his earlier remarks concerning abortion.

A bill to extend the post-birth abortion buffer to three months is currently being drafted for presentation in Congress.
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