Allan Keith Benelley Killed
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 11:10 AM ET
Allan Keith Benelley Killed
by Andy Stern

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Benelley performing in concert last year.
Country music star Allan Keith Benelley was found dead today in his Leawood, KS home, in what authorities are investigating as homicide.

The popular singer-songwriter was reportedly discovered by his wife, Essie, and their two children. Reports also suggest the murder weapon was a shotgun which was used at point-blank range and that Benelley sustained catrastrophic trauma in the chest area.

"We're looking at this as an isolated incident," said Tim Bastogne with Leawood Police Department. "We are investigating all leads at this point but we don't believe there is a general threat to the public."

Benelley is known for his hits "Clara", "You Kiddin'", "Round Way of Saying" and "Glory Stands", as well as featuring in hit TV shows The Next Country Star and Eddie Cringe.

In recent years, though Benelley had become known for his stance on abortion and sexuality issues. In a contentious interview with Simon Redford in March, Benelley defended a strict procreative view of sexuality and stated his support for the Providence Nine, who were arrested in January for praying outside an women's health clinic in Providence, RI.

July saw Benelley perform at LifeLine, a concert aimed at restricting women's reproductive civil rights, funded by the Greater God Convention in Dallas.

Benelley has been a target since; the following month he was forced to end concerts in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles prematurely after Collectively and Second Front members pelted him with rotten fruit.

Reports at the end of August indicated police were investigating threats made against Benelley and his family.

Police would not comment today on reports from neighbors that a symbol was discovered apparently freshly carved into a tree across the street from Benelley's home.
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