Student Injured After Being Sentenced By Student Judiciary Council
NEWS 10/06/2039 1:33 PM ET
Student Injured After Being Sentenced By Student Judiciary Council
Cole Schiffer

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Dovender Health University Medical Center, where Richards has been placed in a coma.
A University of Arizona Student Judiciary Council (SJC) is in the spotlight after a student was injured yesterday as a result of an apparent sentencing.

The student, Buckley Richards Jr., was transferred to Dovender Health University Medical Center with a fractured skull, ruptured spleen, broken ribs, and extensive bruising. He has been placed in a medically-induced coma to treat swelling of the brain.

Richards is the subject of a SJC investigation which was launched after a late September incident involving non-payment of student taxes. It is alleged Richards attempted to avoid paying a "normative reparations tax" authorized by UA's student government to be collected upon entry to the Science-Engineering Library. The tax is applied to non-CoUNTA students (persons of Color, Undocumented, Non-heterosexual, Trans or other-gendered, non-Abled).

According to CHURC Arizona officers investigating, Richards was required to appear at the Wednesday hearing for attempting to brush past the students collecting the tax at the library entry. He was accused of making contact with a student lawfully engaged in student government business.

During the hearing Richards is alleged to have made incendiary and deliberately offensive remarks to the three-judge panel, focusing on their race and sexuality.

SJC proceedings are treated as confidential.

It is understood he was given a sentencing of Delegated Physical Redress (DPR). DPR sentences are not officially authorized by SJC guidelines but are known to be tolerated when other forms of punishment are deemed insufficient. When justices find the accused guilty of physical violence or contempt of court, he/she can be committed to the custody of bailiffs or student government deputies for a length of time which does not usually exceed five minutes.

CHURC Arizona investigators confirm Richards resisted his sentence.

The first judiciary council was formed by the University of Maryland in 2031 in response to rioting between anti-choice students and feminists. Most student governments in colleges across the United States now have appointed judiciary councils to handle issues not adjudicated through normal legal channels; panels usually sentence offenders to pay a fine or occasionally to spend less than a week confined to a room.

Many high schools with student governance have adopted similar models of student-based justice.

This latest case highlights the problematic relationship between student government and some elements of the student body. In recent years, student tax collectors have been publicly bullied, verbally damaged on the basis of their sexuality, race, gender or species identity, or threatened.

American Union of Student Governments President Sophia Breaker read from a prepared statement today regarding the Richards case:

"The AUSG is still gathering all evidence pertinent to the case of the student in question. While we wish him a speedy recovery, we are concerned at what has transpired. What we have here is a classic example of justice denied. A legitimate student government panel attempting to perform a service for the student body was demeaned and erased by the student in question, on the base of their sexuality and race. This is happening far too often and just exposes the harm that students volunteering in these roles face every day."

CHURC Arizona has not yet disclosed Richards' prognosis.
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