Southern Governors Collaborating Against Wennstrom Government
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:44 AM ET
Southern Governors Collaborating Against Wennstrom Government
by William Scaladeri

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Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas governors caught fomenting obstruction against Wennstrom administration.
Explosive allegations have emerged that four Southern Governors are planning to obstruct President Wennstrom's refugee quota for the coming year.

Leaked documents, first revealed today by CNN, suggest that Kreb Staley (Georgia), Lew Verdette (Alabama), Paul Firstworth (Mississippi), and Teller Trent (Arkansas) have been meeting in secret.

All are Republican governors.

Sources indicate that their goal is to mount an organized resistance against Wennstrom's stated goal of settling one million refugees this fiscal year. While opposition to refugee settlement in some parts of the nation is not new, the documents reveal that the four men have been working closely on the issue since Wennstrom announced the policy during July's Defining Democracy Summit in Philadelphia.

If an agreement were to be reached it would be an unprecedented step toward a de facto alternative foreign policy by a plural number of states.

According to the documents the proposals discussed include:

  1. Refusing to work with the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP)
  2. Formally requesting the USRAP non-profit organizations responsible for refugee resettlement in the United States cease activities immediately within the affected states
  3. Requesting the closure of those non-profit organizations responsible for resettling refugees, within the affected states
  4. Forcible closure of the non-profit organizations in question
  5. Creating a joint immigration authority with officers at international airports screening for refugees prior to standard Customs and Border Protection procedures
  6. Stationing joint immigration officers on the affected states' borders and screening vehicular traffic for refugees
  7. An immigration task force capable of conducting raids and arrests where necessary
  8. Expanding activities to include illegal immigrants

The documents refer to the men as "The Gang Of Four" and the four states as a "confederacy on the issue of refugees". They repeatedly address whether senior federal Immigration officials known to the four governors might be leveraged in order to obtain data on whether the governors' states have been targeted for refugee resettlement.

Exchanges between the four provide detail on the excuses were made to ensure secrecy: "I'll be there on Tuesday, but will have to cancel all meetings...and pretend sick".

Other conversations have addressed whether further states could be persuaded to join the efforts to circumvent federal authority. Texas and Louisiana are mentioned frequently as targets.

The forty-six page cache was provided anonymously to CNN. If authenticated, it would present numerous problems for the Wennstrom administration and for the administrations of each of the four governors named.

Among conservative voters, opinion on the issue of refugee resettlement has been decisive. A Pew survey last year found that 71% of Republicans did not want refugees resettled in their state. 78% reported that they would feel unsafe if they knew refugees had been resettled in their neighborhoods.

Partisan sentiment on the issue has been stoked by several governors since last year's Brooklyn Bridge shooting in New York, in which Muslim extremist Afar al-Binzer killed 23 people.

Staley in particular was scathing in his denunciation of Muslim refugees, earlier this year stating that, "Muslim refugees are not compatible with American values and must be screened out. Georgia will not be a target."

None of the four governors returned calls seeking comment.
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