Government To Form Hate Reaction Teams
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:00 AM ET
Government To Form Hate Reaction Teams
by Kala Illingworth

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State Civil and Human Rights Councils will soon be commissioning Hate Reaction Teams.
The federal government is soon to equip local communities in the Fight Against Hate, with the announcement today that local Hate Reaction Teams are to receive funding and instruction.

National Civil Rights Agency Administrator Queen Shon'ae, speaking today from the White House, highlighted the ongoing plight of millions of Americans as the principal motivating factor in the setup of the teams.

"We can no longer be still while incidents of hatred, bias, and intolerance find and take root in our communities, affecting the most vulnerable among us," said Administrator Shon'ae.

She continued explaining that state Civil and Human Rights Councils will be invested with the task of forming teams in local communities. The task of the teams will be to recruit and designate suitable individuals within those communities to function as Hate Reaction Agents, actively searching out incidents which breach Kaley's Law or any other civil rights legislation.

Agents will be plainclothes and, while not deputized with any kind of law enforcement powers, they will have the capacity to issue first offense notices to citizens in breach of Kaley's Law. Alternatively, they may refer the breach to state CHURC officials.

First offense notices expire after one calendar month, while second offense notices are issued when an individual breaches Kaley's Law again before the first notice expires. A third infraction within three months after a second offense notice is issued can see the individual's case referred for prosecution.

Agents also have the authority to refer violations of any other civil rights legislation to CHURC officials.

Administrator Shon'ae, flanked by President Wennstrom in a strong show of support, cautioned Americans not to fear the Hate Reaction Teams and Agents.

"We should not live [with a spirit of] fear," she said before continuing, "but instead know and understand that the United States government is empowering local communities to defend themselves against hatred and intimidation of vulnerable minorities."

Republicans at both state and local levels responded with outrage.

"This is a gross trespass against the American people," said Senator Birch Trevors (R-GA) this afternoon. "What this directive does is create a class of secret police in the United States which is tasked with spying on fellow citizens. This shameful behavior is reminiscent of Soviet-style persection, not American liberty."

Texas Senator Kirby Drienhaus echoed Trevors and called for Administrator Shon'ae to step down, suggesting that the teams were a means of raising revenue through second offense notices.

First offense notices are a formal warning only.

Democrats were out in force today among cities and towns nationwide assuring the public of the community building role of Hate Reaction Agents.

"The teams which will be formed should be seen as the building blocks of safe American communities, and a more loving, patient society," said House Majority Leader Kate Suratinoyo, reading from a prepared statement on the steps of the Capitol today.

Administrator Shon'ae refused to comment when asked how much funding was being allocated toward the teams.

"We are working toward a viable budgetary solution," she remarked.

Justice-based organizations across the nation have begun to respond to the new directive, with the first comments in favor coming from National Sovereign Black Neigborhood Association President Marces Kabwela Brookline.

"Sovereign Black Neighborhoods across America are pleased to see a government waking up to the hatred endemic in its towns and cities. Black people have had targets painted on their backs and while whips may not be used anymore, they once were and words have taken their place. We look forward to justice being served."

White House spokesman Carruthers Smith refused to answer questions in today's briefing, referring all inquiries to the office of Administrator Shon'ae.
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