German Tourist Killed In New York Sovereign Black Neighborhood
NEWS 10/06/2039 2:57 PM ET
German Tourist Killed In New York Sovereign Black Neighborhood
by Ondra Biseus

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Throop Ave, near to the site of Mr Krusemark's death.
A German tourist was killed today in New York's Sovereign Black Neighborhood, Bed-Stuy Vice President For Policing Summer Thomson said in a press conference.

The victim, Niklas Krusemark, 48, was travelling with his wife and daughter when he was apparently shot with a high-caliber weapon through his front windshield while driving south along Throop Ave.

It is believed Mr Krusemark, who was white, entered GLA Area-NYC1 through the Marcy Ave checkpoint, but it is not clear how he proceeded past security.

Residents dialled 911 but according to Ms Thomson confusion arose between dispatch and local ambulance crews. Ms Thomson stated that local ambulance crews were unaware they had the authority to collect a white patient within Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The decision was escalated to Area Manager LaShay Truth who authorized ambulance crews to proceed. Mr Krusemark was transported to Woodhull Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Ms Thomson was asked about the delay in dispatching an ambulance.

"We're in the initial stages of our investigation into the incident, but it does appear that there was a lack of cohesion among the parties responsible for dispatching assistance," said Ms Thomson.

"It appears an ambulance was dispatched after twenty minutes."

New York Police Department Chief of Community Understanding Leah Cranmer issued a statement earlier today offering the department's sympathies to the victim's family.

The death of Mr Krusemark comes at a difficult time in the relationship between Sovereign Black Neighborhoods and local police departments.

In February, Temple student Harry Biermont was severely injured by local residents after scaling a wall surrounding Philadelphia's Germantown SBN as part of a hazing. He was held for eight hours before local officials granted his release to city authorities who negotiated a $10,000 payment by Mr Biermont's parents.

In May, white business owners surrounding Chicago's majority African-American southside claimed authorities were ignoring reports of African-American individuals committing petty crime. They asserted that law enforcement officials were concerned about the possibility suspects may have been residents of Chicago's Englewood SBN.

Last month it was revealed by the New York Times that city taxes diverted to Bed-Stuy SBN for community enhancement were being misused by President Rydermark's office. The Times reported that negotiations between Mr Rydermark's office and city officials were stalled while payments continued.

It is understood that the NYPD's request for a joint investigation into Mr Krusemark's death was denied by Ms Thomson.

The office of German Consul General in New York Marie Zaniev was quoted by the AP expressing, "Sadness for the loss of Mr Krusemark and for his family's grief", and calling for, "A renewed spirit of cooperation between the levels of American government and Generalized Local Administration areas in American cities".
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