California Senator Introduces Bill Linking Births To Climate Change
NEWS 10/06/2039 9:12 AM ET
California Senator Introduces Bill Linking Births To Climate Change
Jan Shen

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Sen. Voledello spoke from the steps of the Capital today.
California State Senator Gianni Voledello today introduced a bill tying population growth to environmental harm, in the latest shot across the bow to obstructionist Republicans.

The bill, A.B. 1149, offers a refundable tax credit to families which do not have children either by ISC (Instrinsic Sexual Contact) or AP (Assisted-Parenting) methods.

The $2500 credit would exist for parents of statistically typical parenting age, which is defined by the bill as an average age of all parenting parties not exceeding 45.3 years.

The tax credit is expected to cost the state approximately $20bn.

"It is time we recognize the harm, the damage we are causing on an every day basis. We cannot afford to have unlimited children. We must be responsible in the way we manage our resources, and that includes procreating. California will once again lead the way on this important issue in an attempt to limit the devastating impacts of climate change," said Sen. Voledello, speaking on the steps of the California State Capitol this morning.

The bill limits each family to one credit and expires in three years. Fluid families and chains are limited to one credit per Primary Procreating Couple (PPC).

The average American is responsible for 18.72 metric tons in yearly carbon dioxide emissions. The EPA estimates that in 2036, Californians on average produced 4.9 pounds of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and used 93 gallons of water per day.

California is very familiar with the effects of climate change; large stretches of the California coastline are being protected by a variety of state and local initiatives against sea level rise, while farmers continue to feel the economic effects of the five-year drought which ended in 2037.

Governor Fernando Flores backed Sen. Voledello, issuing a statement:

"I fully support my colleague Senator Voledello's attempt to jump start the debate on the human direct impact on the environment. California's government stands ready to help protect the precious world we live in and I look forward to signing A.B. 1149 into law if it is passed by the legislature."

Californian Republicans decried the measure as an attack on poor people and minorities. Senate Minority Leader Colin Britz said in a conference call with press yesterday, "this is another ill-thought out attack on the poor by Senate Democrats. This measure will target the most economically disadvantaged families - especially Latinos, who will be necessarily quick to take up the offer. It's eugenics, designed to stop certain segments of the population from reproducing, in the guise of environmental policy."

Britz has been outspoken opponent of California Democrats' environmental initiatives.

Sen. Voledello had no comment today on Britz' remarks.
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