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Richie Barnes To Play George Washington In 'Revolutionary Hero Boys'
10/06/2039 10:44 AM ET
Richie Barnes To Play George Washington In 'Revolutionary Hero Boys'

Tina Reyburgh
Huntington Courier Entertainment Reporter

CC BY 4.0 George Washington by Joye | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Day 7 - Intrigue by GillyFace | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Barnes to play American legend and military hero, George Washington.
He has been a hard-headed quarterback, an umbrella salesman, a runaway slave, and a time travelling-narcissist.

Now he gets to be George Washington, revolutionary hero boy.

AMC announced that its brand new comedy, spinning the revolutionary war on its head, will star Barnes, in an ironic stab into the heart of late-eighteenth century politics.

Tyler Manning, AMC's Head of Project Development, had this to say about the casting choice:

"We knew we wanted to go in a particular direction with this. We knew if we really opened up the politics of the day, which a comedy allows us to do more freely, we could really explore the issues facing America with more depth than what would have otherwise beeen possible."

Washington was a noted slave owner, along with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others among America's founding fathers.

Manning was reluctant to answer the question of whether Hero Boys' George Washington will own white slaves.

"It's possible, we're honestly working on a number of concepts for Hero Boys," he offered. "What we want to do is suggest irony and general craziness, in order to really deconstruct what the zeitgeist was all about."

AMC is clearly taking the route of courage and bravery, announcing last week that Britney Chance had been cast as Joan Adams.

Chance has previously been quoted as having chased the role of Adams, expected to be a transgendered, beat-boxing lawyer.

Revolutionary Hero Boys will premiere next fall on AMC.
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