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Charlotte Resident Arraigned After Alleged Relationship With Son
NEWS 10/06/2039 9:53 AM ET
Charlotte Resident Arraigned After Alleged Relationship With Son

Samantha Andrasipuran
Huntington Courier Deputy Relationships Editor

CC0 1.0 Image by Unsplash | Writer image: CC0 1.0 Image by gerryimages | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Mr. Zillmore was arraigned today in a case Zillmore supporters describe as an injustice.
Today, Charlotte resident Barry Zillmore was arraigned on charges of incest, stemming from an alleged improper relationship with his nineteen year-old son.

According to the police report, Mr. Zillmore's wife Cheri, arrived home last Friday to find her husband and son intimately engaged. She immediately dialled 911 and Mr. Zillmore was arrested.

Mr. Zillmore's lawyer had little to say to the press when queried today outside Charlotte's Mecklenberg County Superior Court.

"We will proceed vigorously to clear Mr. Zillmore's name and to establish the facts as conclusively as possible", said Klaus Bander, before striding away.

Mr. Zillmore's arrest and detainment comes at a difficult time, as national debate over the leglization of "loving families" begins to pick up steam.

NLFF (National Loving Families Federation) president Madeleina Drift spoke to the assembled media outside Superior Court after Mr. Bander left. Ms. Drift has been an outspoken advocate of the rights of "loving families".

"Today what we have seen is an injustice, which began last Friday, when Barry Zillmore was forced into the back of a police cruiser in handcuffs for the quote-unquote crime of loving his son," she said, reading from prepared statements.

"It is an unjust society which seeks to divide on the basis of bigotry and hatred rather than unite families in love," she continued.

"What we need is to leave behind antiquated, religious-bound notions of love and expand the term. For too long has love been held back, on the issue of same-sex marriages, on the issue of transgender rights, on the issue of poly marriage, on the issue of women's choice, and today the same people - they know who they are - are trying to stifle love again," she argued.

The tide is beginning to turn in public opinion, as the latest Harris poll showed that 40% of Americans are either in favor of decriminalizing loving, consensual relationships (even with legal minors), or do not care.

Three recent studies (Yale, SFSU, and the University of Chicago) have pointed to children in loving families doing better in school, enjoying better physical health, and having a much healthier perspective on relationships generally.

Next month, California will become the first state to vote on the issue, by voting on Proposition 15, decriminalizing loving contact between family members.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Mrs. Zillmore has fled the couple's home with their son to stay with her parents in Virginia.

A trial date has been set for November 2nd.
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