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Yes, Cocooning Is A Real Thing
OPINION 10/06/2039 2:14 AM ET
Yes, Cocooning Is A Real Thing

Cal Soo-Yon
Post-graduate student of accepting myself

CC BY 4.0 Cocoon by slgckgc | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 faces by Iqbal Osman | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
There is nothing more beautiful than something changing into what it was destined to be.
I hate the idea of static, of unchanging. I'm psychologically allergic to it.

Nothing in this world is static. Everything is fluid. I learned this from a life living, watching, and being.

The worst thing I have witnessed in this world is denying the truth of who you are. Of what you can be, could be, if you released the shackles this world places upon you.

Much of the world - and the constrained people in it - will say no. They will say "No, you can't be this", or "No, you can't be that", and they will be wrong. Life is fluid. You are changing, your life is renewing itself every day.

The unhappiest people I know are those who are unwilling to change. They remain trapped, obseqious before their immovable id; they are a study in stifled, where a solipsism goes begging.

Cocooning is the best word to describe the change I seek. It can mean anything to you personally. To shed the layers constricting you from being your most beautiful self, your truest self, is the most heartful and honest thing you can do.

I cocooned from being a caucasian woman who was born in Brussels. I am now a Korean man. I identify as originating from a small North Korean fishing village. I will someday visit my hometown. I cocooned.

Your life will not mirror mine, but will be a beautiful reflection of its own individuality. Your cocooning will not mirror mine. You might cocoon from a bored office worker to an artist. Or from a human to a tiger. If you look deep inside, you may find your inner self is not from our time.

You should be that individual that you want to be, that you know you are.

Studies from the University of Wisconsin suggest a strong link between denying your identity impulses, and mental health issues. In one survey, 63% of respondents who said they felt strong alternative-identity urges which they denied, also reported depression, eating disorders and sleep disorders, among other medical issues.

In other words, denying your true self is bad for your health.

So let your light shine! Be who you are! Realize your cocoon, and shed it. You were born to fly in this world, not to crawl.

Whatever you need to cocoon from and to, I strongly urge you to find someone to help you accomplish this task in your life. Whether you have cocooned once already or never, you need help, even if you're not aware of it. People are good, and will want to help you.

Your journey may be long and arduous, but it's worth it to find out who you are.
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