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Why I'm Confessing To Burning Down A Church
OPINION 10/06/2039 1:57 AM ET
Why I'm Confessing To Burning Down A Church

Regular guy all about justice in the world

CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license DSC01951 by Erik Olson | Image was cropped. Image used for illustration purposes only.
Mount Salem Baptist Church, engulfed in flames last Saturday.
This letter will send me to prison. I've prepared myself for it. So here goes:

Dear Mount Salem Baptist Church,

Last Saturday I burned down your building. I scoped the place out for a week, then I picked the day, arrived at 2:00 a.m., pried open a back door, poured gas all over the seating and your altar, and left a trail of gas leading to the back door. I lit a match and threw it in and hurried to my car, driving off.

I know the police have been investigating the past five days. And that they haven't made any arrests yet.

Why did I do this, you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did.

I did it because you're an intolerant, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, Buddhiphobic, Pagaphobic insitution that has really foregone its right to exist in a civilized society.

I sent you letters. For the past two years I've been sending you letters, and writing on your website's wall. And I get the same answers. Jesus this, repentance that, forgivess, love, etc etc. Mercy. Patience.

Well, I don't see any love. I saw the four people who killed themselves this year, after spending considerable time at your church. One of those people I knew personally. She had been getting counselling from your lead pastor, who told her that God would not welcome her into His kingdom unless she repented of her sins, one of which included her fluidity.

She struggled with her fluid identity for years, but within three months of this "help" she hung herself from a tree.

Nor do I see any patience. You have ejected from your church multiple people I go to college with, all of whom have been labelled as being in some sort of "unrepentant sin". Baloney. You bigoted hypocrites. You kicked them out because they didn't fit the mold you self-described "righteous" people decided was the only one worth adopting.

Mercy is also not something you specialise in, it seems. You pray outside women's health clinics (ooh, can't have women being tested for STDs and given breast cancer screenings, can we?) oblivious to the distress and harm you're causing women - and some girls - who simply want their right to health care respected.

You clearly hate women, as you have repeatedly rejected dialogue with other houses of faith on the issue of instituting women leaders. Equality is not something you're interested in.

I suspect you are actually aware of the harm you're causing. I suspect it's not lost on you that you are adversely affecting Seattle's community. I suspect you don't care. I don't care either, about your excuses. I don't care to dialogue with you, and I don't care to tolerate the emotional and spiritual violence you are perpetrating on people who you are not qualified to judge.

I burned down your church because you do not deserve a place in this loving, wonderful community. We're ready to move on from your hatred.
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