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That Time Carlton Fanda Braved A Ghost
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 11:51 PM ET
That Time Carlton Fanda Braved A Ghost

McArey Smith
Gossip Reporter, Huntington Courier

CC BY 4.0 Haunted Hotel Room by Chris Combe | Writer image: CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license female relaxed face without any expression by CCupload | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
A ghost in your hotel room can make you wake up in a cold sweat.
We all know Carlton is funny, but who knew he also faced down ghosts?

The star of NBC's 'Be Crooked' took time out from shooting his new movie, The Trouble With Guy Pierre DeBeaufort to talk to us about his encounter with the undead.

"I totally believe in ghosts," the funnyman explained. "My mother would tell me about her experiences with ghosts, all the time growing up. She would scare me half to death, then wonder why I was too tired to go to school the next morning!"

So Carlton, what happened with your encounter with the supernatural?

"I was twenty-one, and I was staying at the Plaza, me and some friends. I knew, I just knew, something was not right, when we were given our key cards. I could feel something. We got there late and had an early flight the next morning, so we all went straight to our rooms to sleep," he continued.

"So, I just flopped down on the bed and I was so tired, I just fell asleep straight away. I woke up like half an hour later, freezing cold. It was January, and I look over, and the window's open!"

But that wasn't the worst of it, as he explained.

"So, I close the window, thinking, 'that's weird' and I crawl under the covers and fall right back to sleep. Half an hour later, I wake up again. I'm freezing. The air is on and is blasting a chilly draft straight at me!"

Carlton went on to explain what happened next...

"So, I turn off the air, and I'm annoyed at this point. And I have to get up, and so I pull back the covers and go use the bathroom. While I'm washing my hands, I hear a sound. I dry my hands, and leave the bathroom, and the TV is on, playing - get this - Ice Age, you know, the cartoon movie, and the bed sheets are all over the floor!"

But Carlton wasn't put off by his "frosty" reception.

"I'm like, 'screw you', at this point. I just need some sleep. So, I unplug the TV, and get back into bed. I fall asleep, and five minutes later there's a knock at the door. I go check it out, no-one's there. I turn to go back and I hear laughter down the hall. So, I grab my key card, shut the door, and head down toward the end of the hall. And, I'm thinking it's one of my friends, and I'm ready to tear them a new one."

Did you catch the person laughing?

"I wandered around for like ten minutes," he said, chuckling, "before going back to my room. I open the door, and the window is open, the air is on, and Ice Age is playing on the TV again!"

Time to go, Carlton?

"I knocked on my guys' doors and we hauled ass!"

The Trouble With Guy Pierre DeBeaufort premieres next November in cinemas.
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