Star Wars: Tarkin Is Here And It Looks Awesome
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 8:50 PM ET
Star Wars: Tarkin Is Here And It Looks Awesome

Bart Klawdowski
Deputy Entertainment Editor, Huntington Courier

Public Domain Mark 1.0 Cute Guy by Skinny Casual Lover | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 40+216 Faces by bark | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.Selwyn Corby-Shamut plays the inimitable Wilhuff Tarkin.
"The Force...Your religion has been your friend. But it will not always be so."

So says Tarkin to Darth Vader in ABC's new TV show, Star Wars: Tarkin. Set prior to the events of A New Hope, it tracks the rise and rise of Wilhuff Tarkin to the position of Grand Moff.

I was invited to a journalists' screening by Disney of the first episode and I'm here to let you know: you want to see this. You absolutely do. This is not just for Star Wars fans.

Anyone who likes a good political drama will be able to sink their teeth into its backbiting and undercutting. And intersectionally, it makes for some amazing sci-fi, too.

Tarkin begins as a lowly junior staff officer on the outer rim, trying to please sneering superiors, and outwit his snide fellow junior officers. He has to impress to be promoted in a galaxy which has just seen the purging of the Jedi and an order which has existed for thousands of years, swept away. But death on the outer rim is the inevitable consequence of failure...

Selwyn Corby-Shamut impresses as the young Wilhuff, arrogantly aristocratic but with just enough insecurity as to make his rise compellingly interesting. Daniel Craig's Admiral Sherrow is calculating and inscrutable, and Sahara Winsey as the mysterious bounty hunter Chi-Han is a standout.

Star Wars: Tarkin debuts Monday at 9/8c on ABC.
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