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Sandi breaks up with Vi Cheetar
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 12:14 AM ET
Sandi breaks up with Vi Cheetar

Kelly DiMoran
Gossip Reporter

CC0 1.0 Image by Unsplash | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Nine women's faces were averaged by Jun'ichiro Seyama | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Vi Cheetar in concert last year.
In what can only be described as inevitable, Sandi has called off her engagement to fiancee Vi Cheetar.

The, perhaps aptly-named singer, was seen at several LA hot spots last week in the arms of other women, and apparently, Sandi had had enough.

Their on-again, off-again romance began last year as a whirlwind of passion, and quickly escalated as Cheetar proposed in December.

But their relationship was never out of the spotlight, as Cheetar battled rumors of substance abuse and affairs. In April this year, she was found guilty of property damage, after destroying the camera of a paparazzi who had snapped her in the arms of actor Clare Firey at NY hot spot Wink.

Sources close to the couple reported that they were trying to patch up their relationship, even as Cheetar was alleged to be having an affair with one of her back up dancers, a 27 year old male.

Sandi is currently filming the second season of reality TV show, "Sandi Says". Her representatives declined to comment.
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