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Remembering The Victims Of Custille
NEWS 10/06/2039 11:46 PM ET
Remembering The Victims Of Custille

Corin von Shorndorf
U.S. Domestic Reporter

CC BY 3.0 Sanctuary, Temple Israel (Memphis, Tennessee) by emple Israel (Memphis, Tennessee) | Writer image: CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license model on the beach by Craig Cloutier | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
The interfaith memorial service for the victims of the Custille shooting, held today.
They were sitting in the cafeteria, doing what teenagers do. They were in the library, researching. They were in classrooms, learning. 23 of them were gunned down.

At 12:39, October 4th Ramsey Lockhorn, a student at John G. Harold High School left campus grounds, drove home and returned with an AR-15 assault rifle and twelve 30 round magazines. He also brought two Glock 19 pistols and six 15 round magazines. He brought a homemade bomb.

The bomb was set off in the unisex bathroom, killing four. According to police reports, Lockhorn then proceeded classroom to classroom, spraying bullets at random from the AR-15. He occasionally turned his focus on to an individual teacher or student with the Glock, gunning them down as they took shelter under desks.

He reached the library, and according to sources, expended three magazines' worth of ammunition in an untargeted manner, across the breadth of the room.

By the time he reached the cafeteria, a bottleneck of students had clogged the exit. Lockhorn fired the Glock at the logjam, killing more students.

He left the cafeteria, wandering the halls, killing wounded students and teachers, and firing at any other people he encountered.

At 12:57, police had cornered Lockhorn in a faculty lounge, and after attempting to negotiate for five minutes, Lockhorn shot himself in the head.

Custille is the latest in an ignominious line of mass shootings. Last month in Breverport, MI, fourteen people were killed at Westberry Shopping Mall. In June, twenty-eight people were killed in an Askenee, RI high school football game, before the perpetrator was shot and killed by a citizen. In February, a man shot thirteen dead at a child's birthday party in Dutchesse, TX.

After being contacted by media outlets, Lockhorn's parents described their son as "a normal boy, nothing going on". And, while their grief is still very real, twenty-three other families are at this moment grieving.

They hid under desks and were shot. Initial reports suggest some of them begged for their lives but were shot. They were black, white, Hispanic and Asian. They ranged from 14 to 52 years. One of the teachers (Alene Burke) was two weeks away from marrying. One of the students (Cam Salomon) had just been accepted to Harvard.

Their lives were all ended, 18 students and 5 teachers, with a gun.
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