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President Stader To Visit Tehran
NEWS 10/06/2039 8:29 PM ET
President Stader To Visit Tehran

Arash Zarif
Huntington Courier Middle East Correspondent

CC BY 4.0 IMG_7875 Tehran by Ninara | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Femi Longe, co-founder of the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos, Nigeria by DFID-UK Department for International Development | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
A U.S. President will visit Tehran for the first time in 13 years.
President Stader is to travel to the Iranian capital next year, the first visit by a sitting U.S. President since President Clinton in 2021.

The White House announced the trip today, with speculation focusing on trade and security as the bilateral issues of interest.

Press Secretary D'Naee McEwers suggested President Stader was looking forward to making headway in what has traditionally been a challenging relationship.

"I think the President is anticipating robust talks about how to fuel an increase in U.S.-Persian trade, with an eye to a possible free trade scenario down the road", said McEwers today.

"He also would like to get into issues of security, particularly how Iran and the U.S. can work together to contain Saudi instability and the continued financing of non-Iranian paramilitary units across the Middle East," she continued.

It is understood that Shia paramilitary groups were behind last week's bombings in Gaza, which led to a harsh Israeli response.

Speculation is rife the President will also address the three to four nuclear warheads Iran is rumored to possess, and its intentions in the Middle East and Afghanistan areas.

The Heritage Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based thinktank, denounced the visit via spokesman Gary Holcom.

"The President is visiting a country which supplies terrorist fighters to the Middle East's hotspots, hoping beyond hope it can establish a proxy ally, and which has been secretly developing nuclear weapons in violation of a deal it signed in good faith. How can visiting this country even be on the table?" he wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Iranian-Americans however, are enthusiastic about the upcoming trip and its possibilities.

"We view this trip as a sign of the continued expressions of good faith between Iran and America. It is a relationship, and it needs contact to grow in an atmosphere of mutual respect," said National Iranian American Council President, Jabar Misrani said today.

The President will follow up his visit to Tehran by embarking on visits to Armenia and Turkey and then France for 2035's G20 Summit.
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