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Pope Innocent XIV Meets With Catholic Polygamists
NEWS 10/06/2039 7:05 AM ET
Pope Innocent XIV Meets With Catholic Polygamists

Jordan Aleuil
Huntington Courier Religion Reporter

CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license Italy-0177 - St. Peter's Square by Dennis Jarvis | Writer image: CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license You may want to, no actually you will want to, but you can't look back by Katie Tegtmeyer | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
The Vatican has been pleasantly accommodating in hearing the appeals of faithful Catholics.
On Wednesday, the Pope had a sit-down which further emphasized his coolness.

The "Rock Star Pope", continuing in the tradition of reformer Pope Francis, met with members of the poly-community from various countries.

Catholic poly-advocacy and support organizations from the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, India, and Australia were present at the Vatican meeting, during which His Holiness expressed "sympathy and love and Christian goodwill" toward his guests.

Pope Innocent met the visitors dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt, continuing the impulsive awesomeness which has set him apart from his predecessors. According to L'Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican news outlet, the Pope remarked upon the "love and spirit of charity" inherent in all loving polygamous and polyamorous relationships.

"One needs to meet people in the state in which one finds them", he said. However, rather than patronizing his audience, he went on to explain, "The goodness of a loving relationship cannot be underestimated...as Christians, we are called to the office of cherishing the love that exists between people, no matter who they are."

The Pope asked questions of his guests, showing an interest in becoming more informed. He refused to judge. And, he lamented the bigotry shown to those whose love is extensive.

"As Christians we must be mindful of those whose expressions of love are different from ours. We must remember, what would our Christ do?"

Studies suggest up to 10% of people in America identify as poly, meaning almost 40 million Americans may be inclined to be in a poly relationship, or already in one.

It is important that our love not go unaddressed throughout the wider world. That includes being recognized by organizations with the power to marginalize us, to relegate us to the sidelines. Organizations such as the Catholic church.

Ever since the Ryan administration decided (under pressure) to recognize poly relationships in 2026, perceptions about us have been changing. But, the understanding and endorsement of high-profile figures like His Holiness helps underscore in the minds of people generally (and especially ordinary Catholics) the need for acceptance and tolerance.

A world in need of more love needs nothing less.
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