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"Man Of Sorrows" Discovered In New York's Central Park
NEWS 10/06/2039 6:39 AM ET
"Man Of Sorrows" Discovered In New York's Central Park
Michael Ford Prosper
Senior Reporter, Huntington Courier

CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license Crime Scene in Central Park by jebb | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Headshot March 2010 by Sidin Vadukut | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
The gruesome scene in Central Park was quickly sealed off by the NYPD. New York police are today at the start of a baffling mystery involving the horrifying discovery of a body in New York's Central Park.

The deceased man was found by Central Park's homeless community as the sun rose.

Per Cass Sullivan of the New York Times:

I spoke to several people who had slept overnight in Central Park about the gruesome discovery.

"He was tortured. Scars on his arms and legs. I think he was burned, you know?" said one elderly man who did not wish to be identified.

Others noted the lack of skin and that the man's hair appeared to have been shaved off in places.

The discovery is notable not only for the grotesque nature of death, but also for the arrangement. Several witnesses claimed the man was strung up as if crucified, his arms spread out and tied to branches. The words "Man of Sorrows" had been carved into his torso, along with what looked like a copyright, "c" on his left bicep, they said.

No one I spoke to who slept in that area of the park could recall seeing or hearing anything.

Initial inquiries to contacts in the NYPD confirm that this is not anything they can easily categorize. First thoughts in a case as horrifying as this suggest organized crime, but the mob hasn't used methods like this in many years. And even then, it wasn't their style to create such a public spectacle. This poor man was clearly some sort of message to the world, not other families.

And what to make of the ritualization - the dramatic Christ-like stringing up? The "Man of Sorrows" reference (from the Bible)? The strange, encircled "c" on the arm?

All of these clues will have investigators busy and New Yorkers talking.

The City Medical Examiner's Office is the next stop for the body, but with the amount of trauma, it may be some time before a positive identification can be made or a cause of death concluded.

Expect a statement from the NYPD soon, calling for witnesses and cautioning people to maintain alertness in public parks.
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