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Joaquin Chen investing in Klumbo
NEWS 10/06/2039 1:40 AM ET
Joaquin Chen investing in Klumbo

Dolce Mia Rosa
Technology Reporter

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Klumbo is hoping to learn from Wisper's challenges in the implants sector.
Joaquin Chen is serving up another ace - this time in the tech sector.

Fresh off a stunning US Open victory over Canada's DerWight Shimiji, Chen has chosen to invest in new implant startup Klumbo.

Reports suggest he has contributed $10 million to the Portland, Oregon-based company.

Klumbo is the brainchild of hedge fund guru-turned tech entrepeneur Richard Filipano.

"Implants are the future, as we move to a bio-integrated reality, and we believe we can be the first to pull off a success in this field," said Filipano Thursday.

Klumbo has its work cut out to convince a wary public, after Wisper's Think bombed spectacularly four years ago.

After mediocre reviews upon its December 2029 release, customers began reporting adverse health effects. A number of customers reported cancer diagnoses in the months after using the device. Wisper settled a class action lawsuit last year which bankrupted the company.

Chen though, is clearly undeterred.

"There have been challenges getting bionic implants to function effectively," he said this week, "but I've spoken with Ricky extensively, and I know he and his team are working around the clock to come up with a solid, a good product which is going to revolutionize the field."

Here's hoping Klumbo turns out to be a smash.
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