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Elise Everstein Should Not Be Convicted For Emasculating Her Rapist
OPINION 10/06/2039 6:45 AM ET
Elise Everstein Should Not Be Convicted For Emasculating Her Rapist
Jana Rush
Female Voices Senior Editor

CC BY 4.0 American judge Miles Ehrlich talking to a lawyer by maveric2003 | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Sarah #269, Brick Lane, London by Peter McConnochie | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Elise at her arraignment in September.
Elise Everstein is being unjustly held.

Last month she was arrested for the emasculation of her ex-boyfriend, John Streetweather, a man she claims raped her the previous evening at her home.

That evening, according to the statement she gave police, she and her friends held a party attended by more than 75 people. There was barbeque and beer. The boys were openly flirting. Elise and her friends noticed some of the boys handing out pills. As the sun set, the mood became rowdier and the flirtation turned ugly.

Several of Elise's friends have come out in support, accusing several of the boys in attendance of sexually harassing the women, pulling at their clothes, groping them and taking inappropriate pictures without their consent.

"I remember one guy just saying, 'Click. Click. Click.' every time she leaned forward," said Elise's friend, Allee Dorset. Needless to say, the women were becoming concerned for their safety.

Multiple witnesses have corroborated Elise's version of events. She and her rapist, John Streetweather, a University of Nevada quarterback, went into her bedroom. She emerged an hour later, bruised and claiming to have been raped. She was rushed to the hospital.

She did not sleep that night or through the next day, and was, by all accounts, unresponsive, in a state of deep trauma. Her friends tended her as best they could.

According to police reports, that night Elise left the hospital, and drove to Streetweather's on-campus housing, where she found him sleeping. She proceeded to sever his testicles, leaving them on the floor. He did not wake during the incident.

Elise was arrested shortly after (unlike her rapist) and Streetweather underwent emergency surgery to reattach his scrotum. Reports have stated that he will make a complete recovery and will be able to play football for UN later on this season.

It is likely Elise will never make such a recovery. She will carry the scars of her rape for the rest of her life.

Her attacker will graduate and she will have been raped.

Her attacker may play NFL football and she will have been raped.

Her attacker may make millions of dollars a year and she will have been raped.

Her attacker denies the accusations and instead claims Elise was "partially drunk" but "in complete agreement" the whole time. What else is he supposed to say? When San Diego interviews him prior to the draft, is he going to admit to being a sexual predator? Of course not.

Elise is being held in custody, and that's a crime in itself. She should not have to endure a trial, never mind a conviction, for something related to her sexual assault.

Across the country 362,000 women are sexually assaulted every year. Half of all assaults go unreported. This is an epidemic. If it were a virus, the CDC would be allocated money by congress to fight it and win. But women are left on their own in this country, at the mercy of men like Streetweather and his friends, to prey on women.

This is a gross injustice. It's sickening. It must be stopped. Elise dispensed one small amount of summary justice among a tidal wave of injustice.

Free Elise Everstein now.
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