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Bringing Back "Cheers" Is A Terrible Idea
ENTERTAINMENT 10/06/2039 11:55 PM ET
Bringing Back "Cheers" Is A Terrible Idea

Brad Wright
Entertainment Reporter

CC BY-SA 4.0 - image changes released under same license Cheers (the real thing) (7194334384) by InSapphoWeTrust | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 Sepia Close Up Portrait of a Cool Man by Ryan Li | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Everybody may know your name...but just don't do it.
With the recent debut of yet another TV reboot, "Roseanne", you'd be forgiven for thinking that classic television had been mined and that shaft just can't be mined n'more.

Well, it's apparently not evident to the good folk at the newly reinvigorated Paramount Television who have decided to reanimate the still highly regarded ghost of barroom funnies, that bastion of beer and bellied buffoonery, "Cheers".

Nathaniel Ryder, Paramount TV's Vice President for Product & Business Development, gave a wide-ranging interview yesterday touching on several new projects.

"We anticipate multiple projects landing well in fall 2035. We've already announced a third season of 'Dread and Dodge' and we are in the initial stages of a 'MacGyver' relaunch."

"We have also given the greenlight to a 'Cheers' refresh and are considering other legacy items from Paramount's back catalogue." There's no word on whether it'll be shown holographically.

Let me just say that I couldn't care less about MacGyver. Danielle Fung, you'll be great. Knock yourself out. But Paramount, leave Cheers alone. For the love of Sam, leave Cheers be.

Rumours have Shoda Bing signing up as Sam Malone (not confirmed) and Delia Johnson as the talented, intellectual Diane Chambers (sort of confirmed, if you read between the lines of her Arownd posts).

The problem with resurrecting classic shows is the not the same as resurrecting third tier products like "MacGyver", or the preposterously bad "L.A. Law". If "The Wonder Years" bombs, who cares? No one ever held it up as a pinnacle of TV.

But if - and when, c'mon - the "Cheers" reboot bombs, people aren't going to think of that classic show.

They won't think about the awesomeness of Ted Danson's loveable lothario, or Kirstie Alley perpetually and futilely chasing romance with any rich man, or John Ratzenberger boring the crap out of Rhea Perlman's Carla.

Instead, it'll be fourth-rate episodes from a cast wishing it didn't have to desperately compete with so great a pillar of TV history.

For the love of Norm, just don't do it, Paramount. Let "Cheers" be.
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