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Black Self-Determination Vs. Attack Choppers
RACE 10/06/2039 11:28 PM ET
Black Self-Determination Vs. Attack Choppers
Linley F. Moore
Writer, activist, social rights advocate

CC0 1.0 Image by sjr4x4 | Writer image: CC0 1.0 Image by unknown author | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
An attack chopper in action over the streets of Philadelphia.
Last night, America witnessed the logical culmination of centuries of slavery, exploitation, discrimination and hatred against black bodies.

It witnessed open warfare against black communities in three cities: Philadelphia, Detroit and Cleveland.

Authorities in all three cities decided that the very first whiff of black self-determination was so offensive, so repugnant, so absolutely intolerable that the only real answer was to send in riot police, escorted by M1 Abrams tanks and Dreadnought helicopters.

Yes, the idea that African-Americans would assert a fractional political, economic and social independence was enough to bring war upon those same communities which have been enduring the full hatred of a white-majority and white-privileged society for so long.

In some ways I’m actually glad it came to this. I know that sounds strange, but I am. I’m glad that we now know the extent to which the state will go to extinguish black rights in this country. I often wondered if it would come to something like this but part of me never believed it until I turned on my tablet and saw tanks firing on black homes in Philadelphia.

The US has a long and consistent history of this concept. I mean, of course it does. The economy of this nation was built on enslaving, brutally overworking, torturing and killing black bodies. Lynchings were about psychological enslavement, keeping us beholden to the idea of ‘our place’. Jim Crow was an extension of the lynching system -but codified - so we knew ‘our place’ was ratified by elected white elites.

Black deaths at the hands of police officers was the state enforcing that place.

Should we really be surprised when gun emplacements are deployed on Detroit’s Woodward Ave?

Neighborhoods being Sovereign Black is about our safe space. It was about building, growing and sustaining black villages where we could develop strong, proud, independent black people who could exist in this country in a place free from fear, bigotry and the discrimination we feel outside of Sovereign Black Neighborhoods on a daily basis.

I reject the premise of the federal negotiators who were sent in to "assist". There’s nothing to negotiate and we don’t need assistance. Not with our own neighborhoods. Hell, the only time you ever wanted to "assist" before was when one of us was killed or when there was an opportunity for your police to kill us.

The death of black bodies is the goal of your polity. We simply want out. We are not talking broad stretches of land – although why that would matter I don’t know – we are simply talking about small dots in a white landscape, where we can raise, educate, heal, house and protect our black families without wondering when white people are going to try to kill us some more.

As far as I am concerned, we opted out. If southern racists thought the idea to secede was legal and honorable, then so do we.

I know those in leadership positions in Sovereign Black Neighborhoods in Philly, Cleveland and Detroit. I know them in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis, Milwaukee.

I know them in smaller cities. I know them in your city. We all want the same thing – to exist in peace and safety. But our hand is being forced. Do white authorities think sending in attack helicopters is going to pacify us and force us to reintegrate?

There are at least a dozen more Sovereign Black communities ready to declare independence, and last night’s actions will force their hand.

I will be advising those leaders to declare immediately. Our hand has been forced.

And if you think your tanks and Dreadnoughts frighten us, understand this: we have guns too.

And we’ll sovereignly use them.
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